Wednesday, April 19, 2006


b/c if you didn't know already how much i luv ya, you do now!

this everyone is my best guy friend tommy (however, i never call him this really. i call him by his last name...ya see, when i started at the pd, i called every officer by their last name. hell, i didn't call michael "michael" till we were practically habits die hard!).

you see that guy up there?

well he would do absolutely *ANYTHING* for me (and does!).

*he buys me cherries b/c he knows i like them.

*he brings parfaits to work for breakfast.

*i can talk to him about *anything*!

*he's my shoulder to cry on.

*he's my sunday morning mass (even though sometimes i don't wanna hear it ;)

*he's part of my sanity at work.

*he's simply great.

i luv ya buddy :)


V said...

totally sweet!!!!

Greta said...

awww was poor Goldilocks jealous that you wuv me more.....augh such a s shame...hehehehe

Jamie said...

How cool! Guy friends are the bestest!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I just want my due! Haha!

Love you