Sunday, April 23, 2006


so mikey came home a couple of weeks ago with a school project.

must collect bugs. must kill bugs. must display bugs.

okay, no biggie really. we live in the country, there are bugs all over the place. plus, we had two weeks to get the project done.

when do you think we did the project?

that's right, today. the day before the project is due.

way to teach the kids procrastination right? (that's another post).

you should have seen me and mike running around outside today chasing butterflies and two folks with bum knees running around like fools.

we did manage to get the bugs and after mikey's teammate's bday party, we (okay, me) put the project together.

i have to admit, i did start to cry when it came time to push the pin through the bug. yes, they were already dead, but i felt a lil sick to my stomach.

so anyway, project done and i must say it turned out pretty darn good considering that we wanted until the last minute. i even picked up the supplies i was going to get one of those memorabilia boxes, but decided to pick up this great box at walmart. wanna know the best thing about it? this box was filled with making memories scrapping supplies. double score.

in other news, we have been desperately trying to get bella potty trained. we tried everything: candy, chocolate chips, fancy potties, yelling, threatening...if you've gone through this, you know the drill.

but nothing worked.

well, i finally found something that does work....MONEY!!!

that's right folks, good ol fashion bribery with money. to a 2 year old to boot! but that is what my lil gold digger likes. heck, when mike walks in the front door she automatically digs through his pockets looking for moola.

i actually don't care what it took, it works.

she has been going potty religiously...'cept sometimes after nap...and has racked up quite the lil stash. she gets a quarter for everytime she potties and fifty cents for everytime she poops.

i think this weekend, she has made about five bucks.

i'm so proud of her i'm hoping in the next few weeks, she will be 100% done...whooo haaaa!

hope ya'll have had a good weekend. mine was plenty more busy then this, but i'm pooped and its time for bed.

talk to ya'll tomorrow!



vintage lilac said...

the bug thing is sooo cute!

Bella may become 100% potty trained but it sounds like mom and dad will be 100% broke! Ha ha ha!!! Way to go on finding what works!

Pink Rocket said...

at least money works but how are you going to wean her off getting paid to poop? i'd be a millionare by now!!

beki said...

Hmmm money, I never would have thought of that, though that is just about the only thing that gets my daughter to clean up her room!

That bug project looks great! I don't think any of my school projects ever looked that nice.

Knit Chick said...

LOVE your cards shower curtain. It's fantastic.

V said...

Sadly, it's money that gets my kids to do anything too. Remember when a quarter was SOOO much to us? For the young ones it still is but wait until your kids are 9 & 10, no fire will be lit under their butts for under $5. Damn, kids are expensive.

Jay said...

You are a domestic goddess. The box is great, bugs and all...and I am right now sending an email to my husband demanding a raise for my potty skills!

The Other Half said...

i bribed mine with money...and candy...he he