Monday, April 17, 2006


greta & i at the donal snyder community center for inspector burriss' retirement party 4-17-06

can i just say that this girl rocks my socks off.


how we became friends

when greta started at the pd, she worked over in cid (criminal investigations division) and i was still the major's secretary over on the patrol side. on a daily basis, i had to bring her completed patrol follow up information and usually slid it through the lil slot that she had in her plastic window (no protection from the crazies with that).

she thought i was an uber bitch and i thought she seemed a lil mean.

when she first started at the pd, oneil (aka lieno...oneil spelled another story) was still a deputy for the sheriff's department. i heard that he had been involved in a shooting and my heart immediately went out to greta. i wasn't sure of all the details at that time, but i knew what it was like to be an officer's wife.

i then did something that i have never done before. i called greta in her office to see how lieno was and to let her know that if she ever wanted to talk about what happened, to give me a call.

i then started going over to her office to chit chat and then on one particular day, i mentioned a scrapbooking magazine. we both discovered a love that we both shared.

the rest is history.

they're like two peas in a pod, but boy are they different

lol..its funny, me and greta are like night and day.

*i'm an introvert, she's and extrovert

*i'm afraid of getting caught, she is more then happy to take the chance

*i believe in love, she believes in one night stands ;)

*i can pour a mean batter into a cake pan, greta can pour a mean crown & coke

*i can paint a picture, greta can paint a face (and very well i might add

*i live in day dreams, she lives in the moment

*i like classic rock, she likes hip hop (or booty shakin' music as i call it ;)

these are just a few of the ways we are different. which is prolly why we get along so wonderfully. we compliment each other beautifully!

one of us is the exquisite meal, the other is the fine wine that goes with it perfectly.

what i love about greta

there are so many things that i love about this girl and so many things that she has taught me in the 3+ years that we have been friends, i don't know if i can fit them all into a post.

but i will name the things that are my favorite:

*greta has made me more me. what i mean is that greta doesn't let me forget that i don't need to give a rat's ass as to what anyone thinks of me and to just be me. for this i am forever greatful. i don't think that she will ever understand how this has changed my life.

*greta is always there to tell me how great i she never lets me forget that i am a beautiful, talented woman.

*greta always tells me how it is (even if i don't want to hear its). she pulls my heads out of the clouds on a pretty regular basis and brings me back to reality. she lets me know if i am being a bitch (and believe you me, this is something that i need to be told, b/c sometimes for me, its just so natural that i don't even realize that i am being one).

*she always puts up with me when i am being a bitch :)

*i can walk around naked around greta. now before anyone gets all perverted (michael, i mean you if you are reading love) let me explain. i feel so comfortable in my skin (thanks to greta) that i can undress in front of her. i think the only person that i have ever been comfortable doing that in front of is mike. i won't even do that in front of my mom. but she has made me so comfortable and is so comfortable in her own skin, that i am able to do that.

*she will listen to me go on and on and on and on about the same ol shit and just listens to it.

*she calls me just cause. we may sit there in silence sometimes, but its nice to know she is on the other end.

*i can never get enough of her and if i don't have communication with her for even a few hours really, i have major "greta withdrawals".

*we are becoming in tuned with each other. i will think of her and she will call me. i love this about great friendships. that almost becoming one with each other.

*we can talk about the cat's meow over and over and over and over again and never get tired of it.

*we both have fallen in love with veronica mars (and a buncha other shows) and will talk about it like we know the folks.

*she excepts (and has to put up with) all my faults and still loves me.

i could keep going on and on and i am sure that when i am laying in bed tonight about to fall asleep, i'll think more things to add.

greta is simply one of the love's in my life.

i seriously love this girl and truly believe that a piece of my life would be missing if she wasn't in it.

i thank God every day that i stepped outta my shell and made that phone call.

girl, if you're reading (which i know you are) i love you! you make life fun. without you....well, shit, i don't know what i would do without you. know that i love you and would do absolutely anything that you needed. i hope you know that i am here for you ALWAYS!!!

shit, now i'm gonna get all weepy and wish that you were here to give a big ol hug to!

fuck diamonds, you truly are a girl's best friend.

i luv ya :)



angieoh! said...

I saw this in Greta's blog and had to give you a shout... how freaking sweet!

Jamie said...

I totally commented on this on G's blog, but seriously, you girls are the cutest. I'm SO glad you girls are in each other's lives. How awesome! You're so sweet! :)

V said...

You are right, you two both compliment each other to a T. Both beauties and both meant for each other!! HUGS!!!

Pink Rocket said...

wow! big ol' tears over here! having such a wonderful friend is truely an amazing gift!

Greta said...

MUAH!!! back at ya....i swear i am still just in awww over this....