Thursday, April 13, 2006


okay, i said this wasn't going to be a long post, but i lied. so i understand if you just skim and cut through all the

wow!! what's this? a free (quiet) moment to sit and try to catch up on the past few weeks???

this post probably isn't going to be as long as you would all think, i mean i haven't blogged in a couple of weeks and there hasn't been much going on. well, i take that back, there has been a ton going on, but not much worthy of taking the time to post about.

i feel so bad, not only for ya'll, but for myself that i haven't posted in so long. i absolutely hate letting it get this far behind (heck, i think this may be the longest i have ever gone). it makes documenting what goes on in our lives less well, documented.

so grab a coffee, coke, or hell a crown and coke and sit back and get ready for a buncha ramblin' on and on about nothing much.

so this is my second day off of work and i have three days left before i have to back to work. i am ecstatic about it and so far have gotten so much done. i ran so many errands yesterday and hopefully won't have to go to the grocery store for a month (of course i always say that and i'm back at walmart in a week). but i am hoping that this time i mean. after a cart full of groceries at walmart and and an even bigger cart full of stuff at sam's, i'm hoping that this time i can mean it.

you would have thought that i spent a lot of money yesterday getting all those groceries, but with coupons and price matching, i did pretty good at walmart and then at sam's i used some walmart gift cards we had and got $178.00 worth of crap for $28.00 (and still have gift cards left over). so that was good.

saving money is going to be very important here in the next year. with the house being built (foundation should be done this week or the beginning of next...whooo haaa...i'll have pics when its done) and planning on refurnishing the whole house (yes, i said the whole house. the only major piece of furniture that i plan on taking with us is my grandparent's dining room table/chairs & the china cabinet for our breakfast/morning room). so that's a lot of money to be saved.

okay, with that being i hit our very first lss (local scrapbooking store for you non-scrappers out there). holy shit!!! it was so friggin' awesome and had stuff that isn't sold at michael's and hobby lobby. scrapbook creations is going to be newest hangout for me and greta. we are so looking forward to the friday night crops and meeting other scrappers.

while i was in the store, i thought "hey, i might wanna be like april and see if i can work here part time".

i have to say that i didn't do to well with the whole saving money thing....but in my defense, i haven't bought any scrappy supplies in a very long time and i have circle journals that i have to get done and in the mail (i'm so sorry veronica, laura, and greta for being such a slacker, but this weekend, i promise).

i intend (along with all the other cleaning that is on the agenda for today) to get my craft corner cleaned and cleaned out so i can sit and get some things done.

not only have i neglected (aka been entirely too busy) this blog, i have neglected all things crafty and haven't baked anything from scratch in quite some time. i am in dire need of getting back to normal. now you may be thinking that this is normal for me now. mikey playing ball is going to turn into mikey playing five different types of ball, bella is going to be involved in dance and whatever lil activities she wants to do, moving, blah blah, but what i'm talking about is getting rid of all the fuzziness in my head.

fuzziness you ask?

when i have so much going on that i can't keep track, i feel like my hand is one ball of wires all mangled up and twisted (you beaders can probably picture exactly what i am talking about) with all this things zooming from part of my brain to another. it drives me crazy. i just wanna to sit in a room, crawl up into a fetal position, and scream until the screams turn into that crazy laughing/crying thing. i mean seriously (a la grey's anatomy).


one of my problems is i feel like i should be able to do EVERYTHING. and that is EVERYTHING without mistake, without a problem, and without a stressed out nerve.

yes, i know this is impossible. i am not a wonder woman. i have to let some stuff go, but as i type this, i know i can't.

so with all that being said (yes, i know that ya'll are probably wondering what my point is with all of this) i'm hoping that the next few days off, i can get into gear, get stuff done, and get that wad of wire nicely wrapped up.

okay, i guess i better get into some of the things that we have been up to lately.


the team getting prepped for the big game.

mikey up at bat. can you see the ball in the air?

mikey has had his first ball game (and about 3 more since then) and i have so much fun watching my lil bug play. he plays first base and with each passing game he (along with all his teammates) improve. i love, love, love his coach. coach tino understands while we're there. to learn and to have fun. unlike one of the other coaches that has a team who yells at his players and makes it known that they are there to win.

coach tino has done this great thing by at the end of every game, he presents one of the players with a "B.A. GOOD SPORT" certificate and a ball that is signed by himself and coach lamm. mikey already got his and of course i was supposed to take a pic of it, but i haven't done that yet (shame on me). i think this is great and something that mikey can cherish forever.

the only complaint i have is when they have late games...we're talking 7:30 p.m. here folks. my kids are usually in bed at that time, but baseball season doesn't last forever.

on the prowl for eggs.

going through the found eggs.

look at all of em!

mikey had an easter egg hunt on his last day before spring break. you guys should have seen all the eggs out there. holy cow!!! the kiddos racked up. he had a blast.

mikey and bella also had their first friend come over for a sleepover a few weeks ago. of course it was the cutey-patootie mason. they kids had fun and i intend on letting mason have the honor having mikey over for his very first sleepover in the near future...BWHAHHAHAHAAA!!! (are you reading greta????)


being the wonderfuly mommy i am, i don't have any real recent pictures of bella (or maybe i didn't look hard enough for one) but much hasn't been going on with lil miss attitude...errr...i mean bella.

we started to serious work on the whole potty training thing and its gonna drive me to drink. seriously. i think this lil girl pees and poops in her dora panties just to piss me off. see, they tell me that she uses the bathroom at school (and has been for a couple of months now) but she refuses to do it at home. i mean everything trip to the bathroom is a huge ordeal. there's screaming, there's crying, there's me threatening her with her life, i just don't know what to do. i don't want to take a step backwards by putting her back in pull ups, but i'm also tired of the fight.

any advice???

michael fabulous hubby michael. without him these past few weeks, i think i would be a lush. he's been a great help lately and always steps in with the patience when mine is all spent.

not only has he been extremely busy with work, but he's been extremely busy around the house being "mr. home improvement" to get things done here so we can put this place up on the market and get it sold (everyone out there please cross your fingers that this is a speedy process).

not only does he have to get this stuff done so we can put this house up for sell, but he has to try and get all this done before he is scheduled to have reconstructive surgery on his knee. that's right folks. michael has tore his acl (or something like that) and has to have surgery on it. so pretty soon, i'll have three people to take care of.

where's that crown and coke???

me and david

the past weekend, my mom got married. the ceremony was nice. my mom had it in the back yard since it was a small, casual ceremony. my brother david was there whom i haven't seen in about a year or more. he's in the navy and is stationed in virginia. he just got back from a deployment (rat bastard got to go to italy among other places...but italy was the only place that i'm really jealous over).

of course mom made a ton of food, so we all ate, laughed, and got our drunk on. i have to say i'm pretty proud of myself. i no longer buzz with half a beer. i guess drinking more in the past two weeks then i have in the past year will do that to you.

i mean this is something to brag about huh???

okay, now for the best part, on to me.

there isn't much to report that i really haven't already reported. me and greta had a great time at a hurricane conference in baton rouge last week. the group of people we went with from work was a good one and we had a great time.

i'm still losing weight and wearing sizes that i haven't seen in forever...hell, ever actually. i'm almost at my goal of under 150. i'm so close i can taste it. right now though is not the best "time of the month" so i know i've got all that bloated weight gain, but i'm hoping that i step on the scale next week and i'm about another pound closer.

i have to say that i am soooo proud of myself. i've lost 35+ pounds since last january and i'm amazed every day that i look at my body the way it has changed. i currently wear a size 10/12. last year i was a size 18. so you can only imagine how friggin' good it feels to slip on a pair of size 10 jean shorts.

its orgasmic.

i've started to do tae bo again and hope that tones up the back fat, hips, and tummy that i'm trying to work on.

with that being said, here's a (bad) shot of my newly loved body. do i see problem areas that i would like to fix, okay one or two, but do i see things that i fuckin' love in this shot...hell yes.

these are size 12 pants that are beginning to fall off of me and the shirt is a friggin' medium. a MEDIUM!!! i haven't worn a medium since.....well...NEVER!!!!

okay, i guess that's about it for now.

if you've made it through all that ramblin, give yourself a big ol pat on the back b/c i don't know if i woulda made it.

also, if you are reading at all, thanks for hanging around and waiting for me to get my ass in gear and make a post. i do intend on posting more regularly from now on. now that i got this catch up post outta the way, i feel like i can do that. you know how it is, you're behind and you think that you can't post anything current b/c you have to post that catch up one...grr...

okay, i'm serioulsy off now.

hope everyone is having a wonderful april :)


Jennifer said...

I can't believe how much weight you've lost!! That is soo wonderful!

I'm glad you had the chance to catch up, and looking forward to hearing more soon!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Well done, girl!

two rabbits said...

damn what a catch-up post, but i stayed with ya till the end! ;)

congrats on the weight loss!! that is so awesome. i wish i had the self control to actually loose a few pounds. you are looking great!

Anonymous said...

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