Sunday, April 30, 2006


well, friday, we took the kiddos to the zoo-to-do for kids like we did last year.

of course we had a blast (aside from the fact that we got lost on the way home and got into a big ol fight about it, but that doesn't count does it?).

there weren't as many food vendors as last year due to the storm, but there was still a ton of yummy food, freebies, animals, and fun things to do.

we will continue to support the audubon zoo by going to this event every year (well, that is until the kids are too old and bitch and complain that they don't wanna go ;)



vintage lilac said...

Palm trees! Behind the elephant fauntain! *sigh* I haven't seen palm trees in years.

Glad you had fun!

Laura said...

Beautiful pics, Elizabeth!!! I'm glad you had fun, too!

Greta said...

I am so glad I see you infront of the camera instead of behind the pics and love the one of you and mike

V said...

Oh that looks like fun!!!! You take great pictures!

elizabeth said...

vintage lilac: get down here sista! i'll take ya to my mom's, she just recently pulled up all the old plants and put in palm trees...a florida gal at heart.

laura: thanks girl. its really not the person behind the lens, its the camera ;)

greta: i love, that pic of me and the kids in front of that statue. last year mike took a pic of me and mikey in front of it. i think it will be a tradition pic.

v: it was fun and thanks for the compliments on the photos. the ones of the tigers and other animals are from my big lens (whatever it may be called). mike has been trying to get me to use it and teach me how to use it with not much luck. i'm not a good student, but those pictures alone made me fall and love with that thing. it looks like i was standing right in front of them, but i was pretty far away (i mean what kinda zoo would let a person be that close right?)

Jamie said...

how fun!!! that looks like so much fun!!! i love the zoo. i love the pic of the girlie crying! classic!!!

Aunt M. said...

Hi Eliz,
Great animal pix! What scared Bella? Have you checked your email lately?
Aunt M.

elizabeth said...

oh but auntie m, nothing scared bella, she was pissed off about something (prolly the fact that she was back in the stroller after running away from me and mike..which she likes to do).

jaims: (can i call ya jaims?) i just had to include the picture b/c seriously, i could prolly get a picture like that or one where she is pouting practically everywhere we go. what can i say, the girl likes to get her way.

hmm...wonder where she gets it from? ;)

sarah said...

great zoo pictures!
except the clowns...clowns are freaky!