Friday, September 15, 2006


okay, so ya'll 'member the fuckin' fabulous simone? well if your memory is a lil bad, she is that fab-boo chick that let me and greta (aka serial killers ;) stay at her house for cha.

memory back yet?

well anyway, she is hosting a birthday card swap and of course i jumped on the bandwagon. now once we knew we would be living with mom, i decided to put the swaps on a hiatus, but since my girl is hosting it, i knew i couldn't let it pass.

now i was a lil intimidated to sit down and do the card since simone is a fabulous stampin up distributor and she is so friggin' talented. me and greta fondled some of her fabulous works of art while in chi-town!

so i spent two hours coming up with and creating this card. i am soooo happy with the way it turned out. i shoulda pumped out a couple more for my own stash.

the paper is to die for and is part of the scrappin' loot i got last weekend when me and greta went to the lss. the "make a wish" is inserted in one of those clear file folder labels. ya know, the ones you have been using at work forever and some scrappin' company decided while they were organizing their work files that this would make a great scrap product. oh, and they could sell it for a lot more then what you can get at walmart in the office supply section ;)

so whatch ya'll think?


Greta said...

FABU....that paper rocks

SpAzzGiRL said...

The cards are awesome!
I finished mine as well and they are all starting to roll in and they are wonderful!!

andrea said...

lovin it!!! make more cuz they're super cute!

sarah said...

cute card!!!
what a great idea for a swap!