Sunday, September 17, 2006


since i have been on hiatus for over a week, i decided to play a lil catch up.

okay, a lot of catchin' up.

so i think i posted seven (yes, i said seven) posts tonight. i do hope that everyone checks out each one b/c all of them are filled with my recent going ons.

okay, well some of them.

the rest are for another day :)

hope everyone has had a happy weekend and that their upcoming week is even better.



Jennifer said...

I think you've set a blogging record! You're awesome!

claudine said...

you are a inspiration to us all. A real blogging Queen! I am a looser :)

SpAzzGiRL said...

omg...that was a lot!
I read 'em all, commented on each there a prize? LOL
So glad these days are filled with such great happy little memories! (and that you always bring the camera!)

V said...

WOW, that was more reading than my assignments! LOL!!

Hugs and kisses girl. i miss you, i love ya, I am here for you.

I gotta CJ ready to go!! LOL!! no pressure! :)

andrea said...

...and you are back with a vengeance I tell ya - 7 posts in a day, wowza! Welcome back, we missed you!