Tuesday, September 12, 2006


okay, so i was ooglin' over at jennifer's (aka jen ;) blog about a week or so ago. she had made us all envious over this amazing fabric she has bought at joann's.

but i hardly noticed the other fabrics b/c my eyes were instantly drawn to the playing card fabric. i had to have it i told her.

so this amazing gal, bought the rest of the fabric for me and if that wasn't enough, sent a ton more goodies.

she even sent goodies for the kiddos.

now if you have never visited jen's blog, seriously, run...err...i mean click over that way now. i have been visiting her blog for quite some time and was sad when she went on hiatus a few months back. but this ever talented (and i do mean talented) blogger is back and in full force.

thanks again jen...and like i told ya in my email, you totally made my week!


i originally was going to tear into this pkg. the minute i walked back to my car (i keep a pair of scissors in my car for instances like this...oh and for cutting coupons in traffic...lol) but the minute the mail lady put this pkg. on the counter, i knew i couldn't do it before i took a pic of it. so off to mom's i drove and snapped a shot before i tore into it. isn't it the most loverly pkg. you have ever seen???

my goodies....see the red/whi fabric over there towards the left? that is one of the most amazing lil handmade pouces i have ever seen. and she even made a tag for it. the drool worthy fabric to the right is what i was ooglin' over. isnt' it to.die.for??

this is one of the most amazing things i have ever had made for me. its a tin designed for moi' and has round playing cards.....genius!!!

bella's lil goodies pkg. the fabric for the pouch is olivia like the cards. bella has been carrying this stuff around since she got it. of course the candy is gone.

mikey's pouch is the best. can you ever have enough pirate goodies? how lucky for jen to live so close to a store that sells all this wonderful stuff. pirate bandaids?? mikey has been wearing them on non-existing injuries.


Greta said...

that is hysterical....we are raising hypercondracts, medicine junkies and lord knows what else...

that stuff is awesome

okay now i am seriously green with envy....

i never get mail love like that....lucky duck

Jennifer said...

Glad you liked everything, darlin'! It was a fun package to put together - right down to wrapping the shipping box!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Yes that is awesome.
Yes those little sacks are adorable.
Yes you are lucky.
And absolutely...That girl is way cool!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Holy moly! The whole family got spoiled! Woohoo!

Hey, that link doesn't work! I wanna check out her blog! Will you send me the link?

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

NM...got it from her post :)

andrea said...

gotta love sweet goodies in the mail!!

sarah said...

fun mail love rocks!