Friday, June 08, 2007


well i've been on the manhunt for lover-ly thrifty goodies for the new house (which we are not in yet btw :(

so this past saturday, me and mom searched the paper for some garage sales and then hit the road.

boy did we score. normally when we go, we ended up leaving with empty hearts and an empty car. but not this time. and boy did we have a blast.

i haven't taken a picture of everything yet due to the fact that since last thursday night, one person in my family has been dealing with a stomach bug. first it was mikey and then sunday it was me and then monday morning it was michael. me and michael didn't even go to work on monday and tuesday.

okay anyway, back to the good stuff.

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this was at the first garage sale and its mom's. if you can't tell what it is, its a radio and i believe mom found some info on it from the net and its from the 30's. she got it for a mere $5!!!! she's going to put it in the hitchcock room (one of the spare bedrooms that is done up with alfred, black birds, movie posters, and an eerie feel ;) when she found this, we knew that it was going to be a good day. she looked in it and all the parts appear to be there.

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now this beauty (don't be jealous) was actually not mine at first. we stopped at a "yard sale" with different vendors at the jappa shrine. while we were leaving, we hit a booth and noticed a woman leaving with this and a very small one. i was friggin' pissed. i noticed on the small one it had a price tag of $1. a farkin' $1. so i carry on about how upset i am that i missed this b/c i was too busy making cracks with mom about some of the stuff that we saw (how's that for karma). so at this pointed i decided that all the finds that i had already got were shit and this day should just be called over. so we're walking behind the older woman who got the deals of the day and mom says "do you mind me asking how much you paid for the big one" and the lady responds "three dollars.". wtf?!?!?!?! $3???? for that huge thing. damn it would look good in my new craft room to store some paints or something.

so i think mom mentioned something about me being upset that i didn't get and the lady says "i'll give it to ya for $5". mom said "SOLD!!". she whips out the five bucks and we put in the car. i was so happy. so the lady, who was in a state of disbelief that we actually would pay more for it then she did explained that she was just buying it for her daughter who was a teacher. she walked back to her car, put the small one in there, and then walked back to do some more shopping.

whatta score! can't wait to fill it up with goodies.

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i got 6 of these cute lil glasses in a carrying basket for $2. i thought they would be perfect for lil tea parties with my bella boo. i got this at a church sale where i also bought about four boxes of fabric (dear lord, like i need more fabric). i haven't shot pics of those yet, but i will hopefully soon.

speaking of fabric.
'member when i mentioned in the last post that i was hoping to get some vintage fabric for free???

well after a big ol rig-a-ma-role and getting lost in the woods at 9 pm it was well worth it.

take a look.

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isn't it beautiful??? oh i can't believe that i got all of this for free. and there is ohhhh sooo much of it too!!

so anyway, that is pretty much what is going on here aside from all the scrapping i have been doing. like i have any business scrappin when i need to start scrapping.

oh and lemme ask.

is there something going on with the moons or something b/c i keep having the wierdest dreams that completely effect me the next day. and i mean all day. i can't stop thinking about the one that i had last night. it seemed so real. the feelings that were there were so real. and no it wasn't *that* kinda dream, but...oh i don't know. just thought i would ask.


Jude said...

Cool finds, and I cannot believe you got that shelf for $5 bucks! Good steal MOM!!I will do the same thing with dreams,like if I dream that my husband ticked me off, it takes me a while after I wake up to realize he didn't do anything... yet! :)

NancyJones said...

OMGOSH I LOVE THAT SHELF way to go mommmmm! Im surprised youd idnt bonk the lady over the head and just take it ROFLMBOOO. im so kidding. ok maybe not completely. YA KNOW... IF you dont want it Ill take it from ya 5.50 ROFLMBO.
i MUST go thriftin with you some time!

Greta said...

yeah i'm jealous....very jealous of that rocking shelf you scored!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

1st of all, awesome score! I wish I lived by you and we could go together! Looks like some fun stuff! I love the fabric in the bottom photos that has clothes on it. Too cute!

2nd, I always have weird ass dreams. Very detailed, very high energy. Usually I have to solve some sort of problem, big problems though, like murders and stuff. But occasionally I get one that sticks in my mind for a few days. Sometimes they have some hubba-hubba stuff in them, but the whole dream isn't hubba-hubba. Weird, huh? So I know what you mean! But now I want to know what your dream WAS about! You must email me!

sarah said...

talk about SCORE!
i LOVE those glasses...
and that fabric! swoon! :)
Can't wait to go thrifting here...
gonna try to hit up a few this weekend but I'm mad broke til Wednesday. :(

MaryAnn said...

You love me, right? Because, if you did, you'd send me all of that fabric right now. HA! Absolutely awesome! The wee cups are my favorites!

Aimee said...

my mom & i went thrifting the same day & didn't get anything :( man you luck out with the scores!

Colleen said...

OMG. i cannot believe you got that radio for $5


Anilu Magloire said...

OMG!!! I am also having the craziest, most "real" dreams ever. The kind that hunt you for days...

You really did score. Love the red and white glasses!!

beki said...

I swear, there is some majoy good thrift luck going around these days!

SpAzzGiRL said...

LOVE those glasses, I am an old glasses junkie, love 'em.
$5?!!! You can't get anything good for $5 around these parts, you got a steal!

Anna Molina-Wilkinson said...

Love love love the shelf! How do you do always find such good stuff?