Sunday, June 10, 2007


before anyone gets excited, no i'm not pregnant!

but i did adopt a kitten yesterday. i'm so excited about him. i've secretly wanted a kitten for about two years now, but i knew that michael wouldn't go for it. a couple of weekends ago, i went to pet smart where the humane society was selling kittens for $20. i had bella with me and we ooh'ed and ahhhh'ed over the kittens. i called michael and he wasn't going for it. i started to cry in pet smart.

me and bella left. we met michael and mikey later on and went back to pet smart. michael still wasn't going for it.

so yesterday we went back to pet smart and saw that they were selling the kittens for $10. now this includes their first vet visit, to be fixed, to have their shots, and to have the microchip installed (that way if they get lost, a vet or shelter can pull out the chip or whatever and find out that he belongs to us). there was one left in the cage that hadn't been adopted yet. he was orange with lil creamy white stripes and grey eyes. i was in love. i held him for the longest time and got michael to hold him. bella held him too. but before i could take him home, i had to call mom and make sure that it was okay to keep a cat at her house for a couple of weeks until we move into the house. i had finally gotten the okay from michael!!
i couldn't believe it (come to find out later that night, michael actually thought my mom would say no. he would then look like the good guy and i would be upset with my mom).

mom of course said it was okay and off i went (i practically ran) back to the woman to fill out the paperwork.

after that we went shopping for the lil booger. i had actually felt like i did when i first gave birth to mikey and we left to take him home. i had no idea what to do with a kitten. we had always been dog people (and come to find out, we'll be getting a dog soon too....that's michael :)

i won't get the lil guy until prolly tuesday. he has to go back to the shelter to be fixed. i can't wait to pick him up. it sucks that i don't have any pictures to show ya. he's about 8 weeks old and so stinkin' cute.

eeek i can't wait to get him!!!

fritz manna!!!

his name is fritz (aka fritzy).

and for the first one who can tell me which tv show who i named him after will get a lil rak from me and my fritzy. (mom and greta excluded b/c ya'll already know).

so come on foks and all you lurkers out there come on out too and give me your answer. i may even make this good. if these is too easy for all you tv junkies out there, i may give a rak to more than one person who gets this right.

hope ya'll had a great weekend. i know i did :)


MaryAnn said...

The Closer?

Lauren said...

The Simpsons?

SpAzzGiRL said...

you got a cat?...I'm sorry.
Not a cat person.
Totally allergic.
Tell Greta to make room, I'll have to stay with her when I visit.

sarah said...

no clue where you got the name...
but it's cute.
and the little guy sounds cute too!

congrats on your new kitty!

B said...

Congrats! on your new kitty. He sounds like one of my five cats that I adopted last year, when the Momma Cat was abandonded with her five babies. Sadly, one of the babies died, but the others are all healthy and very much loved by our family. I hope you'll be very happy with your new "baby".

noelmignon said...

Kittens are the sweetest! I'm glad he caved...Fritzy needed a good home. Ok seriously I have no idea about the name...I'm goin' old school and saying "Hogan's Hero's"...but honestly I have no idea if there was even a guy named Fritz on that show! HA!

Carol said...

wow, you are so lucky. I would love a kitty but i think my dog might munch one :(

Don't forget to show us some piccies.

Aimee said...

oh kittens are the best! i was a dog person til dh came along now i love both :) can't wait to see pics!

Aimee said...

almost forgot....ishe named after the cartoon fritz the cat? cuz that's the only thing i can think of!

Lisa the Lovely said...

The Closer??

jess said...

that is sooo cool you got a kitty!!!
Cant wait to see a photo of it when you get him home!!
Xx Jess