Wednesday, June 20, 2007


noel came up with this new site where she is going to put out a challenge based on the different parts of english.

completely brilliant!

the first challenge was to do a lo using a pronoun. oh how i have been stressing over this challenge since it was

well i finally got it done. nothing like waiting until the last minute to get it done eh?

the picture of me looks bad b/c it is actually a picture of me printed out on a transparency sheet, so you can see my shadow a lil bit in the oops! maybe tomorrow i'll retake the photo.

now i only have 3 more to do ;)

happy hump day everyone!

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noelmignon said...

ooh la la. I'm so loving this I can't even tell you! Great job girl! Green is my favorite color and this LO rocks it. Thanks for joining the challenge!!

NancyJones said...

ohhhhhhhhh i love it girl looks awesome. YOU ROCK OUTLOUD AND ON FIYAAAHHHHHH!!!

Gillian said...

The layout turned out fabulous!!! Very cool way to print a pic... got to remember that one. Bravo!

idanasi said...

very cool!!
thanks for stopping by my blog :)

sarah said...

oh, VERY cool.
love that green PP...
man. I meant to do this challenge and I totally spaced it!

Anna Molina-Wilkinson said...

Love it babe!

I just want to know when you find the time to scrap?