Monday, June 25, 2007


one of my favorite bloggin' buddies in the whole wide world is mary ann. anyone that knows her knows that she is the most generous and loving gal.
i only wish that we lived closer so we could thrift and craft together.
damn i love this girl.

well she musta sensed that i was going to have a really shitty day today b/c when i got home, i came home to this

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the perfect lil pkg. to brighten up a girl's day.

love ya girlie girl!

you have no idea what this did for my day. seriously! i needed the love.

oh and on a side note, look at what i found in a bag of frozen ore ida waffle fries.

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you see that?
that lil ball there?

its a friggin' potato!
a whole potato!
its about the size of a red potato.
i couldn't believe it. so needless to say, i'll be contacting them and letting them know my find. could get a free coupon for it. and before you start laughing your ass outta your chair greta, you'll be laughing when i'm eating something aside for ramen noodles for one night...bwahahahahahaa! maybe if you're lucky, i'll invite you over that night ;)


Shanna said...

heck yeah i'd write them! once i was eating blue bell tin roof ice cream (vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate covered peanuts). i took a bite and bit into what i thought was a hard peanut but it turned out to be a piece of metal! i got the gallon out checked it over and there were 2 punctured holes in the bottom of the container! i sent them the tub and they sent me 4 coupons for a free gallon! turns out they're machine broke and they thought they had caught on the gallons that were from that batch. i did the same when i had a ben & jerry's pint that was terrible; got more free ice cream!

Greta said...

bwhahahahahahahahahaha girl my side hurts.....even though you are cheap..errr...thrifty...i still love ya lots
maryann hooked you up on a shitty day....good for you...i still need to post my birthday goodies...working sucks..interfers with my personal time

beki said...

Hee hee, your potato cracked me up!
Hooray for MaryAnn, she's the BEST!!

sarah said...

aw, how sweet of MaryAnn!

and dang...
if that potato got thru,
just think of what else could have gotten thru?! YUCK.

on a side note...
back in the 70's there was a cannery in our town. All the highschool kids worked there including my uncle (my dad's little brother). Well one day he put a barbie doll head in a can of green beans. :) I have ALWAYS wondered what happened when that little housewife opened that can and dumped it into a saucepan on the stove. I bet she screamed. And that makes me smile! :)

African Kelli said...

Isn't it lovely when a friend surprises you on just the right day? I feel blessed that way many a time over. Glad you got such a sweet package when you needed one!

Mary Ann said...

YOU make ME smile, so I was just returning the favor. And also, one time I found a bandaid in my chicken. Another time a worm in my Snickers bar. Another time, LOTS of little worms in a frozen pizza. Any wonder why I like to burn all my food before eating it?

deb said...

Maryann IS the best!!