Tuesday, February 12, 2008


this isn't much of a post but when i saw this on jenn's blog i knew i had to post it here.

here is a tip for all you blogger users out there that show up as noreply-comment@blogger.com in my mailbox when you leave a comment.

c'mon girls and guys click here. i wanna email ya back when ya leave a comment.

more scrappiness and other schtuff later :)

back to entering overtime into my db!!!


Anna M-W said...

Cool! Will be putting this on my blog as well!

Thanks so much for the BEAUTIFUL VD card. You are so talented. The octopus is soooooooooo cute! I love it.

Siany said...

Hey you wanna know something funny.... when you commented on my blog the other day, your email addy didnt come up! It was just lucky that I already had it ;) Not sure why that happened as I know that when youve commented before, your email addy has shown!?
As far as I know mine shows up...

NancyJones said...

ok Im all caught up readin ya dang blog now woman GEESH Remind me to not skip a few weeks will ya bwahahahahaha SMOOCHASSSSSSSS CANT WAIT Till da giyulls get here. GET READY I MIGHT HAVE TO WEAR A DANG HAP HAZARD EPA GEAR BUT I WILLLL BE VENTURIN' OUT with my happy arse! Be afraid bwahahaha