Thursday, February 07, 2008



i have a love for all things state related. don't know where it came from. think it started when i learned the state capitols and pride myself on knowing most them still (however, i'm becoming a lil rusty so i think a study session is in order. you think i'm kidding. i'm not :)

anyway, so when i saw that there was a state atc swap going on over at sis i had to jump on the bandwagon. i chose the state ohio since i was born there and mississippi was already taken (thank goodness i did, i would have never got mississippi stamped on these cards :) now being the procrastinator that i am, i signed up for this swap in december. they are due march first. i didn't start them till this past tuesday. so i'm quite proud of myself (pat on the back) for getting 50 of these bad boys done.


oh i love em!

i actually need to do four more of four other states that didn't get picked and actually they will be about the same way exact the shape of the state will be different.

i think that i am going to do one like this for every stand and frame em in one of those big poster frames and hang it up on the wall.

i'm telling ya i dig things "state"y.

just so ya know, i've spent the past 15 minutes or so trying to scroll thru my archives to find the pillows that i found on the web that i desperately wanted, but to no avail can i find it.

but here's a link to show you what i'm drooling over. i wanted to get a pillow for every state i've lived in (5) and for every state that michael has lived in (2)...well if you hit the link, you do the math! i think not.

but i did find this nifty lil place that sells state map cross stitch patterns. thought about going that route.

and then i told michael that i wanted this lil number for my bday.

see, i love the states!

does anyone have any good state ideas or websites? seriously, i'd love to be able to incorporate this crazy*state*love i have more in my house. especially since i think i've passed it on to mikey.

but there ain't nothing wrong with that right?


Greta said...

oh i am lovin what i am seeing....

nah nothing wrong with it if that is what ya dig sista!!

i am lucky i know the capital of mississippi...bwhahahahahaha

chelemom said...

These are so cool!!! I think Cricut has a states die cut cartridge.

sarah said...

LOVE the pillows
(eek! on the price!)
LOVE the tablecloth...
and LOVE those ohio cards!

what a cool idea to frame them!

SpAzzGiRL said...

50 cards....eek!
That's a whole lotta cards.
I know all the capitals too, I guess when I learned them it really stuck, it's one of my talents.
I used to have it on my headshots as one of my talents...tap dancing, juggling and I can name all the state capitals...LOL

Boriquaz said...

Did you ever get the cards from target that have all the states on them with their info on the back. It's like flashcards or something. I got them in a swap and was contemplating making a book and maybe one day filling it with pictures of me in every state.

vintage lilac said...

I love the states, too! I actually have a very large collection of old souvenir dishes (plates, glasses, ashtrays, etc.) that I packed away after I started collecting Fiestaware. I was just thinking about ebaying them. I'll let you know when I start going through them in case you're interested in anything.

I saw those pillows awhile ago in a magazine, but I think they only had a couple to choose from at the time. Ya know....they wouldn't be that hard to make......hmmm......

Juls said...'re "Ohio"s are great !!...I will never forget playing Scattagories and you were THE only one to know the capital of Kentucky...I was very proud of you...still am !!!
Love you,

Juls said...'re "Ohio"s are great !!...I will never forget playing Scattagories and you were THE only one to know the capital of Kentucky...I was very proud of you...still am !!!
Love you,

Raesha D said...

I love the vintage state plates too - I am collecting one for every state I have visited (and I usually find them at the thrift stores for $2-3 which is totally doable!) The other collection I want (which will be really tiny) is a vintage state hankerchief for every state I have lived in - so far that's only three. WA, NM and VA (for 6 months only). I've found a NM one for I think $12 and when I have all three I want to have them framed. I saw an episode on Martha once years ago on them and I fell in love.

I AM VERY MARY said...

Thank you for honoring my home state. We love you!

Michelle said...

I have no idea why we've never seen each other's blog before.

Love your little cards!!!

Kate said...

State Cards look great!

I too love those pillows. They have them at a store here...and drinking glasses too that are slightly more affordable...just an idea. When I first saw those pillows I thought you embroidered them yourself...which I would be MUCH more into.

We have kids' US jigsaw puzzles - wonder if they make adult ones or individual state ones?

Lisa said...

Gosh, no.. nothing wrong with that :) I like your Ohio ATC, sweet!