Monday, May 23, 2005


well, last week me and mike purchased 1.8 acres of land to put our new house on!!! we finally made a decision on what we were going to do and went with it. we had looked at this subdivision last year and have been kicking ourselves in the butt for not buying a piece back then. the land has gone like hotcakes since we first looked. what really got us moving was the fact that the major (my boss) bought a piece in the same neighborhood and told us we better move on it. there wasn't too many lots left. so now, not only am i going to be in the same office with my boss, i am going to be living right down the street from its only about 2 minutes from where we are right now, so it is still going to be in the country.

we should close on the land on wednesday and then this place is going on the market and i want ya'll to keep your fingers crossed that we can sell it fast. i really don't want to start the process on the house until this is about gone. i don't wanna get stuck with two house payments...OUCH!!!

so right now, we (okay mike) has been on the net non-stop getting ideas and hints on how to make this the easiest project possible. we are going to subcontract it ourselves and try to get as many of the house building police and firemen that we know to help ;)

over the weekend, i finally found a house that i liked (poor mike spent a few days looking at nothing but houses and everything he pulled up, i said "nope"). i love the set up of this house and love the fact that there is an extra room for another baby and a room that will be my "studio".

so the next few months, if i am more away than usual, it's b/c i am heave-hoing crap outta this house and getting ready for the headache of a new one.

here are some pics of the land and the house we decided on.

a closer shot of the front of the property from the street

another close shot

mike, mikey, and bella checking things out

mikey scoping the area

another shot, mostly of the trees



KB said...

Congratulations Elizabeth, that is amazing! What a dream (well at least for me since I live in an apartment in the city, LOL.)


Daph said...

How amazing, I am so jealous! You're gonna have a gorgeous place.

rubyjade said...

Oh my gosh, that place is georgous!!! That rocks.