Sunday, May 01, 2005


you would have never thought that yesterday was a day filled with rain after the beautiful day we had today. hardly a cloud in the bright blue sky with a great wind that had a nice chill to it. in the 10 years that i have lived here, i cannot remember a time that it was this cool this far in the year.

today, mike went outside to mow the lawn and the neighbors gave him a basket of different colored roses/flowers from their garden (my goodness do they have a beautiful backyard filled with gorgeous flowers, a pond, a sitting area, and veggies). so after mike came home with the flowers we all went over there and they wanted to know if i wanted some of their plants to pot in our yard. of course i said yes, and mentioned that i had a major black thumb and i hope that they survive (this would be why we hardly have any flowers or plants in our yard. this of course does not include the fruit trees that mike has planted and the half dead plants on either side of our front door ;)

we had a nice time visiting with them. they are an older couple and i never really have had a conversation with them (mius the usual hello and goodbye) and they have lived next door to us for three years!!! this is due to the fact that in the past four years, me and mike have been hermits. hardly going outside but to mow the lawn and to go to and from the car. i don't know why we have been like this. my poor kids right? well, i vowed at the beginning of the year that we would get outside more. so far we've been good. grilling out all the time, sitting outside with the kids, etc. we are saving to build a better deck on the side of the house, so i am hoping that the summer will be filled with more outdoor time.

also, while mike and mikey were outside mowing the lawn, mikey picked some wild flowers for me. how sweet. i hope he grows up to be just as much of a sweetie :)

now for your viewing pleasure....

beautiful flowers from next door

another view of the flowers from next door

flowers that my darling lil boy picked for me

onions that the neighbors gave me

some parsley, chives, and basil i am growing on my window sill. can't believe i haven't killed these yet. time to repot these in bigger pots and start some new ones for gifts and such

some 3-leaf clovers i am growing from a 4-leaf clover kit i bought at books a million


robin said...

wow, those window sill plants are looking great. pretty flowers -those are all from your yard? lucky girl!

elizabeth said...

robin, i wish that i could grow flowers like that. my thumbs are black which is why i am suprised that my clover and herbs are doing so well. we'll see what happens when i transfer them to other pots ;)