Wednesday, May 11, 2005


finally, an opportunity to post about our trip. so me and greta got off work at noon last friday and headed over to the nail place for our pedicure. after our piggies were looking like new, we hit the road. this is where we had our first lil snag. there was some stuff flying around in the back of greta's car so we pulled over on the interstate to check it out. while we were looking around, a huge ass 18-wheeler drove by going 90+ and damn near blew us away. its a wonder that greta didn't get hurt. we finished doing what we were doing when it happened. we couldn't shut greta's rear driver side door. the friggin' 18-wheeler blew her door about an inch closer to the driver door. we managed to make it to the next exit (with me leaning in the back seat holding the door shut) to call greta's husband to come and do what he could. luckily he was able to shut it but we couldn't open that door again. we both prayed that this was not a sign as to what was yet to come.

we finally arrived in new orleans and checked into our beautiful hotel. after we unpacked we headed to some place to eat and then hit what i consider to be heaven on earth, the cats meow. the best fucking karaoke bar on the planet. this place is awesome. we were drunk by 8 p.m. and had the best friggin' time. i didn't want to leave, but if we wanted to make it back to the hotel room, we had too ;)

saturday we woke up and hit the streets to do some shopping. i found the coolest stationary store and bought some of the best paper (pics yet to come). after shopping for a few hours and walking about 10 miles, we decided to hit the bed to get a nap for the exciting night we had instore.

we got up, got all doodied up and then hit the streets again. we were wanting to hit a drag queen show, but there weren't any, so where did we go? heaven again folks. hit the cats meow again and had another night of listening to some awesome music (despite some of the horrible voices out there) and getting smashed. and smashed i got. unfortunately, i made the horrible mistake of mixing some drinks (about 5 vodka/cranberry with an alabama slammer and then two glasses of hurricane). not a good combination people. wanna know how i know? lemme set this up for ya, i hit the bathroom to go potty, pants down to my ankles when i felt it was going to happen. i was going to throw up. i knew it was coming but knew i was too drunk to make the quick flip around (you know, to get my face in the toilet instead of my ass) and so it happened. i don't think i need to tell ya exactly what. i think you guys can figure it out. so after i managed to get out of the stall, i found greta and told her we needed to go and NOW! so unfortunately, that is how saturday night ended.

woke up sunday to check out and headed home with the worst hangover in my life. we only had to get on the interstate once so i could hit the bathroom in one of the most disgusting gas stations ever.

when i got home, of course it was mother's day and my family was a gem!!! the house was cleaned, there were wildflowers on the table and i ipod mini!!!! i know i am prolly the last person on earth to get one (no strike that, i had to explain to some people what it was ;) but i absolutely love it. it arrived yesterday in all its green gloriness. tonight i purchased an itrip for it and have been having a ball with it.

so needless to say, last weekend was one of the best weekends ever and me and greta are currently planning our next trip to the big easy with a list of things to do and things not to do (like mixing drinks you stupid idiot...but they were free (wink wink) drinks, so how could i turn them down ;)

here a few pics...i didn't get the opportunity to take that many. i had problems with my camera and who wants to carry their camera when they go out drinking (even though i really wish i had). i am waiting for greta to get some filmed developed, so based on how those turn out, i'll have to see if i am going to share em ;)

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