Monday, May 30, 2005


well, i wish i could say that i am having a lovely weekend of cleaning and organizing all the shit in my house but i can't. i have either been on the couch or in bed since friday night. friday night i fell asleep before 8:30 p.m., woke up saturday feeling slightly fine. started tackling some laundry while mike got ready to go to work. and then it hit. i literally felt as if i had been hit by a truck. the rest of the day i sat on the couch. thank goodness i discovered that i now had the channel fox reality (reality tv 24 hours a day...hell yeah!). so i proceeded to watch 8 hours of the first joe millionaire while my kids ran a mock around the house.

woke up sunday hardly able to hear outta one of my ears and exhausted. so i am reporting from the bed and cannot wait to feel well enough to get outta it. oh my back is killing me from being in here for two days. plus, it doesn't help that i keep looking around at all this crap knowing that i am not able to tackle any of it.

on another note, i think i have decided that i am going to create another blog to sell some of the goodies that i make. this would include a buncha vintage sewing patterns that i scored at a yard sale last year. they range from the 50's to the late 80's. would anyone be interested in that? i may spend the rest of the day writing the patterns down and maybe venturing to the other computer so i can start to scan them. who knows though.

lemme know if anyone is interested in taking these patterns off my hand. i would def. be willing to work out a trade :)


robin said...

feel better kid!

KB said...

Hope your feeling a little better!!