Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yesterday when I stopped by the new house after work to see what they had done for the day, the guy arrived to put up the shutters. So while he was unloading his truck, I took a quick tour of the inside and oooh’ed and ahhhh’ed over everything {again} and then went back outside in time for him to open up one of the boxes for me to get a look. I was on the phone with Michael and I was practically jumping up and down telling him how much I loved em and what great taste I had ;) so since I didn’t wanna make the guy nervous by standing there watching him and the fact that it was getting time to pick up the kiddos from daycare, I left.
But then I decided this a.m. after I dropped the kiddos off at daycare, to swing by and see how they look. They look phenom!!! It’s a good thing that I remembered the camera b/c I got some new pics.
Take a look….
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The front porch with the shutters on those windows.

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The door with the door knob/lock on it.

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The toilet paper holders. Man, I never thought that I would love something that held toilet paper so stinkin’ much.

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The dishwasher in its box. I tried my best to pull back the cardboard so I could get a peek. Yes, I know what it looks like b/c I picked it out, but I wanted to see it again in person, in MY kitchen. But it was sealed up pretty good so I let it be.

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The unfinished fireplace mantel. Michael is going to paint it this weekend and then they will come in and brick the inside of the fireplace and the bottom part that goes on the floor (whatever that’s called).

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The front door knob. I picked this up myself at lowe’s. I loved the elegance of it and wanted it soooo badly. It was a pretty penny but I knew that it would look excellent up against the black door. When I actually saw it on the door, I got all teary eyed b/c I love it so!

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This is the view from the front porch. All of it is ours to the road. Dear lord do I have some landscaping to do. I’ve only thought about that for a second though. I figure I better get the inside figured out first.

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This is a view from the backyard. Now I tried to make a lil mark on the picture in photoshop to show you were my property ends, but I couldn’t figure it out. But I can tell ya its way back there. Again, there is a lot of landscaping and grass that needs to be put in. I still haven’t figured out yet where the garden is going to go. Speaking of gardens, does anyone have any good books or websites that they can recommend to a gal who has two black thumbs but is desperate to grow her own veggies???

Okay, well some of you have mentioned that you can’t wait to see the bed that I got for lil bella boo. Today around 10-ish, me and Michael went and picked up the bed. Unfortunately for ya’ll (but not Michael) they had already taken it apart. But I did get a pic of the head and foot board so hopefully that will be good until I get it put up.

And here she is.
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Isn’t she just lovely????? Oh my heart swells everytime I look at her. Can’t wait to get her up. So Michael gets the bed, leaves and of course I can’t just leave, I gotta walk around for a few minutes. I pick up some embroidery hoops so I can put some vintage fabric in them and hang on bella’s walls (got the idea off of someone’s blog. If I find it again, I’ll post a link). Then while I was walking out, I found this amazing basket/rack thing-a-ma-bobber. Its about as tall as me and has three wire basket things that are attached to it and the pole runs down the center. Does that make sense? They were asking $30. So I left and then thought about it and thought about how great it would be in the craft room for storing stuff. So after me and greta blow a ton of moola in the $ tree, we headed back over to the antique store where I went ahead and purchased it. you shoulda seen me and the old lady trying to get that thing in my car. On top of that I had to ride with one of the back windows rolled down b/c the top was sticking out. It wasn’t until I got home to unload it that I noticed that that piece came off {slaps forehead}.

So anyway girls, that has been my day thus far.
Tonight will be complete with grey’s (here’s hoping that they don’t introduce us to addison’s new show again or I’ll be hanging out with jb Fletcher), baking cupcakes for bella’s bday party at school tomorrow (I can’t believe my bella boo is going to be 4 tomorrow!!!!), working on the projects for the lil sneak peek I gave ya’ll yesterday (and yes greta, another owl…big middle finger to ya…BWAHAHAHAAA).
Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day!

Oh and before I forget. All you scrappers out there, me and greta got a swap in mind that we are going to announce over the weekend on both of our blogs, so stay tuned for that if you are interested. Jennifer I think you should participate in this one sista!!!

And for those of you that have been curious as to when I am going to do round 2 of the vintage vixen swap, I am thinking in july.
Big love!


sarah said...

OMG. Your house is GORGEOUS!
when can I come visit? :)

Bella's bed?
Lucky girl...

oh and was it posie's blog (the embroidery hoop thing)?

Kristi Sauer said...

I can feel your gidiness all the way up hjere and I am doing the yipee dance with ya! Its gorgeous...every little thing!

Greta said...

Middle finger right back at ya!!

shutters look fabu girl...can't wait to make amess in the most improtatnt room in the house!!