Wednesday, May 09, 2007


as i've mentioned before, my plan for bella-boo's bedroom is to be all shabby-chic like. so i've had in my head for quite some time that the type of bed i wanted to get her would be antique, white, iron. now we have quite a few good antique stores around here and knew that back in feb. i had been in one that had the type of headboard that i wanted. so today at lunch, i decided to head out there to see if they still had it.

of course they didn't.
but they did have this lil beauty.
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its pyrex and after doing some research on it, it appears that it is rare and was made for promotional purposes. i don't give a rat's ass what it was made for, i'm glad that i found it for $10. it will go so good with my other zodiac pieces which are this and this.

so even though they didn't have the bed anymore, i was happy as punch and decided to stop by my favorite antique store of all time and see if they had what i was looking for.

while i was excited over the hunt, i was a lil nervous that if i did find one, i was going to pay a pretty penny for it. so anyway, i start walking around the booths at this antique store, find some sheet music, blah blah, and then i turn the corner and there it is. the bed that has been in my head for weeks (damn why don't i have a camera in my purse?).

so while my heart is thumping outta my body and i begin to break out into a sweat (you thrifters out there know EXACTLY what i am talking about) i slowly make my way to the price tag. "please lord let it be in my range". whew! it was orginally $250 marked to $200. this is for the head board, frame, and foot board. we're talking iron folks. i make a phone call to michael and tell him i found the bed i want and is the price okay (i always feel i need to get a blessing on big purchases like that so i don't get the

so anyway, i ask a couple of the girls that work there if they think the owner will take $175. i figure i'm going to pull a greta and haggle. they told me they didn't think so, but they would call the woman. she comes back and tells me no, but she'll take 10% off. okay, so that's $180 (big difference on that $5 i guess).


so tomorrow michael is going to take the truck and go get it. i'm on cloud nine over it. my bella boo is going to have the shab-chic-iest bed ever.

now i tried to find a picture of one through google, but when after putting in "iron bed"+"antique" in the search engine and a pic of someone's ass pops up, i decide that i'll just wait until tomorrow and snap a pic of it.

so that was my day folks. well and lets not forget me and greta doing our usual going to grab a sandwich and eating it in the v.f.w. with all the men that go have beers for lunch and we watch mama's family!

a great lunch indeed!!!


and here's a lil work in progress

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Jennifer said...

Can't wait to see the new bed in Bella's new room in your new house!! I'm so excited to see what you guys have planned for decor!!

P.S. You now officially have a zodiac collection!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Good thrifties are way expensive here, even if they ain't worth shit. Can't wait to see that bed.
You really watch Mama's family??

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Way to go on the haggle! And cool zodiac collection! Very cool!

sarah said...

SWEET finds girl!
can't wait to see the bed.

LOVE the little sneeky peek...
Is that a lil owl?!
oh how cute! :)

Greta said...

what the f*ck are you making now with an owl?

and yes we {heart} mama's family....bwhahahaha

Miss Bliss said...

Sounds too perfect for your little one!!! Glad you found it. And BTW, I am constantly saying that I need to have a camera with me at all times, I miss the coolest stuff because I left my camera on my desk at home!

Colleen said...

of course i haven't disowned you, you silly girl. i still read, but am sucky about commenting.

i promise to be better now that school is over.

forgive me?