Sunday, August 03, 2008


okay, so here i am at around 1:30 saturday morning after running around getting this book.

after i picked michael up from the airport, the four of us went to eat, and then headed to barnes and noble. its about 11:30. it is pretty packed and everyone is wearing wrist bands....oh no!

so instead of waiting around there, i bought the chocolate bars and headed to walmart where i stood in line with about 8 other people and had the book in my hand by 12:01.

too bad i'm disappointed with it.
i'm not finished yet...have about 200 pages yet but i'm ready to be done with it. its not what i expected but i won't get into anymore b/c i don't wanna give out any spoilers :(


Anna M-W said...

You totally backdated this post bitch!

I bought the candy bar too!

Let's start the I'm disappointed with "Breaking Dawn" group. UGH.

Lauren said...

I just heard that these books are about vampires which totally makes me want to read them. I am way behind but still. I must say, though, that I love your shirt. You will have to post where you got it.