Wednesday, August 20, 2008



*michael and i spent a glorious saturday night
here for our anniversary. the room was nice and of course i love this casino/hotel. we ate dinner at the outback, had frozen custard at bops, saw a swing vote (1 1/2 thumbs down), gambled a lil bit, and then had room service the next a.m. where i had the best coffee and blueberry danish! (a mini will be coming to a blog near you soon :)

*the kiddos are signed up for soccer and mikey only has practice once a week and a game on saturday and bella has her practice before her game on saturday.

*we finally have an awesome back to school routine which comes complete with having an hour to myself in the morning after the kiddos catch the bus....bliss!!!

*michael and i decided that in january we are going to start trying for another bambino :)

*i'm about to start taking quilt classes.

*i'm going to crop at the lss friday night...whooo*haaaa!!!

*stacks and stacks of library books are sitting around my house just waiting to be devored.

*bella will be signed up for daisies soon :)

*tried a new recipe last night...tomato basil tart...which was so devine i can't stop thinking about it.

*speaking of cooking, i've been cooking up a storm: homemade bread, cherry jam, chicken broth, cookies, homemade pizza (this too will be coming to a post near you soon :)


*we've been so busy i can hardly stand myself.

*i haven't scrapped in weeks (that will soon change though since i am devoting the whole weekend to this).

*i'm having trouble coming up with baby names. yes, i'm a major PLANNER. if i could pee on the stick and it turn pink or blue that would make me happy. i have to have the name planned out way in advance and well, there are some rules. ya see, the four of us all have one vowel and two "m"s for initials. and we for the most part have italian names. so trying to find italian names that meet this criteria is hard. however, i think we may end up dropping the whole italian thing and just finding the vowel and two m's. and of course i only have a girl's name picked...grr! any suggestions?


*my bella*boo has to have surgery on her eye on september 2nd. :( she will have that papaloma removed and i've been assured that it won't come back. she doesn't know yet. we won't tell her till the day before. we have to drive to mobile, alabama to have it done. i worry that she will be like me as a child and haved to be strapped down when they give her the anesthia. oh i can't even think about it.

*and again, i've just been busy busy busy. both at work and home. there are def. not enough hours in the day.

how have y'all been?


Suzanne said...

How cool about the names! I just thought I'd share that my son is Angelo (after my italian grandfather). So that could be your vowel :)

Dana said...

WOW! Busy is right!!! Sorry about your little one's eye.. I am sure everything will be ok-will keep you in my thoughts...
I totally want the recipe for the tomato tart!!!
I checked out the casino web site..look fun.. too bad you missed Wayne Newton by a few weeks!
So jealous you had frozen custard.. we don't have it out here!!!

rachel whetzel said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!! I see that you are a Halloween gal!! I would love for you to sign up! We'll have sign ups in a few days!

bubba006 said...

aww sorry to hear she'll have to have surgery! they'll give her a sedative to drink before they administer the anesthesia. it's usually flavored or they'll put it into juice for her; it still doesn't taste good. jerrett had to have exploratory surgery last year and that's what they gave him. it took forever to kick in but when it did we knew because he could barely get words out his speech was so impaired.

found this link to italian baby names:

Kate said...

Cart before the horse much? BABY NAMES??? Maybe if you put that chore aside you'll have time to get busy!! LOL!!

I want that TART recipe...good for you with all that cooking! I've been trying myself:)

Good luck with the surgery!

Melissa said...

Oh Wow, another baby! How exciting!

Sorry to hear about Bella... I'm sure she will do just fine!
Good luck to her!

I too would love to see the recipe for the tart... Sounds yummy!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

i'm so sorry to hear about Bella! but, at least it won't come back!

i'm all about traditional names, and growing up that usually meant italian names. unfortunately when you marry a texan, that kinda gets thrown out the window. no vinnies around here!

i do love Maria Michele. it was my great-g-ma's. i also like Elena (it means light of the sun) and Lucia.

Anonymous said...

You are busy girl. YAY to the good and sad face for the bad . I hope more good comes your way ! Sorry about Bella ( so funny everytime i hear that name i think of Bella Swan, think im an addict or what ?! LOL ) .... ENJOY your weekend :)

Ginajam said...'ve had lots going on. I hope your Bella will make it through's good you're not telling her till just before. How exciting about another bambino...I'm half Italian, too, and wanted to do an Italian name for our 3rd. not sure it'll happen tho. what names are you considering???

Sassy Sasha said...

what up boo boo ... love reading all your GBU .. now get your azz to scrappin .. love ya boo

noelmignon said...

baby #3...woohoo! :):):)

Dana said...

Happy monday! when you get a chance go check out my blog.. I left you a present there :)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

aww, poor bella! that sucks! eye surgery scares the hell out of me! i can't even imagine lasik surgery either! eek!

quilting! yay! i haven't done anything like that all summer. i can't wait to see what you make!

and another bambino! we had THE hardest time picking boy names, especially since we thought parker was going to be a girl and had only a girl name picked. so we were totally scrambling for a name. cuz we used the one we liked on ethan! lol my sis happened to mention 'parker' as a possibility when she came to the hsp to see us when he was born. decided later that week to go with it.

i have too much time on my hands and yet nothing gets done. wth? so i envy your busy-ness a little. not so much i'd want it. i don't want to do housework all day though. you know?

anyway, miss you! i know i've been bad at emailing and i have no excuse. i hope you can forgive me. :D

NancyJones said...

Have fun makin dat bambino! ;)
Poor Bella boo! Let me know when yall will be this way.

Anna M-W said...

Happy Anniversary again honey!

I hope you and your family will be safe throughout Gustav. I am thinking of you.

NancyJones said...

GIRLLL YOU NEED TO UPDATE YO BLOG, well inbetweenbambinomakin Bwahahhaha

Noel said...


Noel said...

ok, I am just looking at your twitter updates.....are you already pregs???