Friday, August 01, 2008


thank you all for the sympathies regarding michael's grandpa. i'll be sure to let him know your kind words.


okay, now for a mini.

i've had this idea in my head for about a week now and thought it was brilliant if i do say so

i wanted to do a mini on my name and do a descriptive word for each letter of my name that fits me to a tee!

and this is what i came up with :)

e: emotional.....i am extremely emotional which i both love and hate
l: loving........oh how i love to love and be loved
i: imagination is both my sanity and insanity
z: zealous.......i am over zealous of most everything
a: artistic......without art i would be nothing
b: baking........baking: my therapy
e: eager.........always ready to push my own limits
t: thinker.......always in my head analyzing everything
h: homemaker.....taking care of my family and home is what i live for

this was so much fun and seriously, you should do the same. it was a lil hard for me to find a word for "z" but picked a good one.


Greta Adams said...

i might have to add this to my long list of mini's i want to do now...LOL

this turned out super and zealous is a great word for the z.


Crafty Connie said...

Super cute mini!

Kate said...

what a cute mini idea...but my name is too short...unless I do Leopard Print Mama!!

Juls said...

Elizabeth...what a great turned out wonderful !!...your words chosen are perfect and really say who you are !!

noelmignon said...

just awesome!!

Colleen said...

even more nummy

i'm so copying this

Anna M-W said...

Um..."E" should have been "Edward Lover"!

Lisa said...

What a great idea! I may have to "lift" this from you and make one for my daughters.