Wednesday, June 01, 2005


well, due to not feeling so hot the past few days, i am just now getting around to posting mikey's graduation last thursday! it was so much fun and so cute! the theme was around american pride and they sang songs like "yankee doodle dandee", "proud to be an american" and a few others. they marched around the church and played with instruments that they made.

i was so proud of my lil bug. its absolutely amazing as a mommy to watch your child up on stage do anything. my eyes watered quite a few times. congratulations bug!

the lil graduation caps i made for the reception afterwards

mikey and his classmates singing with american pride

mikey receives his diploma from ms. virginia

mikey's 1st day of school back in august 2004

mikey's last day of school in may 2005. look at how much he has grown!!!


KB said...

Mikey is one adorable kid!!

I hope you feel betta soooon!!

Kim Carney said...

Gosh, I remember when my 13 year old graduated from PreK and I swear that was yesterday. He is a very cute graduate!