Tuesday, May 02, 2006


has anyone moved over to typepad from blogger and took their archives with them?

i know beki has, but she had a baby yesterday (congrats beki!!) and i'm guessing won't be around the puter for a while.

i really want to move to typepad. i don't care if i have to pay for it or not. i really like the whole organizational thing they have going on over there. ya'll don't know how many times i have looked thru all my archives just looking for a post.

any help would be mucho appreciated :)


~**Dawn**~ said...

thank you for stopping by my blog & commenting. =)

i think the only way to do that is to move them over yourself one at a time & judging by how long you have been blogging...it would probably take you even longer than it would take me to do that lol. i have been hunting online for someone to provide some html coding to add archive tags to blog posts. i haven't found anything yet but it looks like several people are getting close...*crossing my fingers* i tried TypePad briefly along with a few other blog hosts & they all made me come running back to my oh-so-familiar Blogger. =)

pretendingsanity said...

I know you can move your posts over to wordpress and it's free. I, personally, am partial to wordpress... but that's just me. :)

Greta said...

can't help ya out sista

two rabbits said...

can't help you but wow, i wonder if i should be moving over too since everyone's doing it!!

btw, love the zoo photos