Saturday, April 30, 2005


well, last night, we finally go to go to the zoo-to-do for kids that we missed out on last year due to the weather. lemme go on and tell ya, if you live near new orleans, even if you have to drive an hour and a half like we do. i have never had so much fun! tickets were only $15 a piece (minus bella) and we got to eat as much food as we possibly could. there were games for the kids, jumpy things, food from some of the best restaurants in new orleans, face painting, crafts, music, and lets not forget the animals. when we first rolled up, i was a lil nervous about the fact that we were under-dressed (well i thought so at least. there were women there in dresses! dresses at the zoo with messy kids running around!!) but once we got inside, it was pure heaven.

some of the things we ate (and boy, we practically ate everything in site ;)

*shrimp etouffe (sp?)
*mac n cheese/crawfish mac n cheese
*iced coffee
*petit fours
*kabash (i think that is what it was)
*another crawfish dish that was to die for, but i don't know what it was. hell, i coulda been eating alligator for all i know
*dominos pizza
*lemon ice
*krispy kreme donuts
*ice cream sodas
*ice cream

and there was plenty more that we were too full to eat.

but let me not forget the one thing that i was the only one brave enough to eat.

cricket-chocolate-chip cookies!!!

yeah, you heard me right. i ate a cricket in a cookie! i was the only one who ate one. i figured that was the closest thing i was getting to a fear factor moment, so i better take advantage of it ;) it wasn't that bad. it had a nutty flavor to it. the hardest part was wondering if it was going to be all crunchy like and if i would be able to get it down. i did fine, however, i only ate one bite of cricket. couldn't handle bringing the other one to my mouth.

and now for your viewing pleasure....

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