Sunday, June 18, 2006


yesterday, i finally got to give greta her bday present. this is the surprise that i have been working on last week. i couldn't wait to give it to her.

i made her a scrapbook of all of the "us" pictures that we take. we take "us" pictures (whether we take them ourselves or have someone else take them) pretty much everywhere we go together.

next i'll have to make one for myself :)

her card

after i gave greta the album, we headed over to a friend's baby shower. we got her a baby bathtub full of goodies and made her some handmade goodies.

i of course forgot to take a picture of the baby wreath and christmas ornament i made her (darn it!!).

but here is a wreath that resembles the one i made. i make these for all my preggo friends to hang on the hospital room door.

i then made her this card and gift tag

those as you can see, this explains why i have been so busy lately :)


Chris-el-da said...

love it
now, we need to meet so we can take c&e pics and then you can make me one of these snazzy little doodads

see how selfish i am?

V said...

That is just beautiful E!!! Greta is such a lucky girl. And so are you to have her!!

I see you used that playing card! ;)

Greta said...

girl i am still just so excited over my album...drew came over today and the first thing i did was whip it out and showed him...i love it....

beki said...

Oh, how wonderful everything looks! Lucky friends you have!!

Pink Rocket said...

that's an amazing gift! i got all teary just looking at the pictures! good friends are hard to find!

SpAzzGiRL said...

that album rocks!! where do you find the time?? lol

Colleen said...

the eye candy in this post
love it!!!!

sarah said...

what a sweet album!
love it!