Wednesday, June 14, 2006


no folks, i didn't fall off the bloggin' bandwagon, just been uber busy with work, picking out stuff (i.e paint colors, carpet, tile, sinks, tubs, etc.) for the new house (EXHAUSTING!!!), and the every day waiting on three people stuff.

nothing too exciting to post. off to finish working on a surprise for someone i {heart} oh so much.

so i'll leave ya with some photos of myself.
because after all.
this blog is all about me.
and i really like these shots.


Colleen said...

i like the eye one
hot mama look out

Amanda said...

looking good *smile* I really like the last shot with your eyelash curling

Chrissie Grace said...

are those your real lashes?...
so pretty

V said...

I love these shots!!!!! You So Creative Girl!!!

ACCESS RULES!!!! LOL yeah right!! 8)


sarah said...

beauty em!

toya said...

love the last shot,, that one is priceless

Greta said...

love the 3rd one the best....the second one don't even look like look mean and hateful like me and we can't be having can we? you the nice one of the 2 of us

smooches and see ya at lunch..

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting (yay!) Love that bottom photo!

I'll come back and visit more!

sarah said...

Love the pics and love your hair in the first one! If I cute my hair that short it would frizz like nobody's business! Good luck on the house plans!