Sunday, June 18, 2006


happy fathers day to the best daddy i know!!!!!

here are the goodies he received:

a green bay jersey with his name and badge number on it.

a acordion style album to go on his desk at work.

i also made him eggs, toast, and blueberry muffins for breakfast and i have a yummy dinner in store for him also.

happy fathers day baby.

we luv u!!!


V said...

Happy Father's Day Mike!!! you got spoiled!!

Greta said...

girl that is awesome father's day gifts.

too bad it had to be greenbay...tell him i said they suck...bwhahaha

Jamie said...

hoo-ray for daddy's day! and i agree with greta about the packers. :P go broncos. :)

toya said...

great father's day gift!

angieoh! said...

OH MAN>>>> that is a great gift BECUZ it is the GB Packers.... don't listen to those other girls!!! :)