Wednesday, June 07, 2006


if i have one more "fuck you" contest with some fat ass hick named bubba while driving to work, i'm moving.


MaryAnn said...

Why, I had no idea that you lived within spitting distance of West Virginia, too!!! lol! I guess Bubbas are universal - gulf coast or not... sigh. Here's my best advice - gloat in the wisdom that you still have your teeth and that your ass crack is not part of your accessorizing plan.

Colleen said...

you can come play with my rednecks if you want. but our bubbas are metrosexuals.

V said...

What is metrosexual? I've heard the term but have no idea what it is!! :)

Even in NY we have Bubbas ......greasy mullet wearing Bubbas with attitude!

Jamie said...

Is it bad that I live for the "fuck you" fights? I love the adrenaline. :)

The Other Half said...

i have an advantage since my suburban is so big...i win most of the fights...i'm probably one of the one's you hate!! ;-)~

angieoh! said...

I cannot wait to hear the details of this story. Too funny. By the way, your house looks freaking GREAT!

Chris-el-da said...

no details!
i just want to use my imagination here

and your word verification is is

i dunno about you... but that sounds slightly racist.