Thursday, June 01, 2006


note: this post is being typed with the smell of homemade chocolate cookies with chocolate/caramel pieces being baked....not to make anyone jealous or anything ;)

first, i wanna say a huge THANK YOU to all those who sent their recovery vibes to my hubby. that means A LOT to me!!! he's doing better today and getting better on the crutches. its been a long three days (for both him and me!!!).

okay, on to the domestic bliss.

ya know, in the past two weeks, i have been off an additional five days (sick two days, memorial day holiday, and then mike's surgery). in that time i have been busting my ass getting stuff done. stuff that really should have already been done, but none the less.

this is a break down of some of the things i have gotten done in the past week. (seeing it in print always makes me feel oh so accomplished!):

*paid bills (finally!)
*did about seven loads of laundry
*swept the kitchen floors
*made sure that a not a dish lurked in the kitchen sink
*cleaned my shower
*organized my scrapbooking stickers (as best as possible)
*cleaned off my dresser (boy was this a feat!)
*organized my jewelry by designating two of my dresser drawers as "jewelry boxes". i put lil organizers in there and have everything nice and tidy.
*cleaned my bedroom (still have to work on my scrap corner
*cleaned off the computer desk
*made sure that the kiddos kept their rooms clean (yaaayyy!)
*vacuumed the floor
*returned some overdue (by a week) books to the library. i even took them inside so i could pay the fines.
*finally made it to the post office to mail off v's pkg.
*deposited some moola into the bank.

there are still a ton of things that need to be done, but that feels oh so good to look at.

i've also been thinking alot, and i mean alot, on how we spend our money. me and michael are very much "if you want it, buy it kinda people". we have got to stop being these kind of build.

we are building a new house folks (which i have got to get pictures off. i went today and started to cry when i stepped foot on my new, huge, beautiful porch. this house is already amazing). but anywho....

so, i've been scouring the web and blogs for ideas on saving money (if anyone is interested in some of these blogs, lemme know...they're full of great information). i've thought of things we could cut to save money. now i'm not talking crazy things like satellite tv or anything, i'm talking more the eating out all the time, tanning, and spending on foolish items. these are some of the things that i have started to do:

*i'm going to see how long i can go without going to the grocery (cept for milk and bread). i have enough food in my house to feed a small country. this is not an exaggeration. i have a stand up freezer, the freezer next to the fridge, and a huge pantry filled to the brim. its so not neccesary for me to go to the grocery store again.

*i've contacted my phone company and got a better deal on my monthly bill and got $10 off my directv bill. i am also getting a $25 visa gift card.

*sent off for a few rebates. i mean i actually got them in the mail and not let them just sit around and expire.

*i've decided that money saved from coupons, rebates, etc. will automatically go in the savings acct.

*packing lunch is a must

*whenever possible, a gift will be made, not store bought (i mean c'mon, hobby lobby resides in my bedroom :)

*learn new things to cook

these are just a few of the things and i am super excited about it. i think i am going to make it a challenge to me. turn it into a game, and i'm a playa.

okay, onto the cooking. i've been cooking like ca-razy!

this is a loaf of oatmeal molasses batter bread. thanks to nic for the recipe. this is a very quick and delicious bread. good with butter or even a sandwich. i was very nervous about making this as anything that involves getting yeast and lukewarm water right is a struggle for me. this is a must try.

now these i made on my own. i don't know how i feel about them. they are pot stickers filled with cherry pie filling. now the reasons i made these are as follows: i had to use up these pot sticker things and i had some great fried cherry pie thing at the gas station up the street. these prolly would have turned out better if i used a dough instead of a pasta. i both fried and baked some of these. i hate frying for the smell it leaves in the house so i only did one batch.

i ended up throwing a bunch away. not b/c they weren't good, but b/c they got soggy. so i will def. try again with a dough and see how that goes. they were better right outta the oven with powder sugar on top.

i don't have a picture of the zucchini muffins or the banana walnut muffins i made.
i found a recipe on the weight watchers message boards. they are a low fat recipe of course and they are super duper good. if anyone is interested, let me know and i'll email/post the recipe. but right now i think this post is long enough now.

oh, and i also made these great italian stuffed zucchini (can't ya tell i had a few laying around that needed to be eaten?). i was sceptical but these were so farkin' good. seriously. you can find the recipe here.

cannot wait to move into the new house and have a garden to make plenty of that.

well, i guess that's it for now. sorry for the long post about nothing, but i have been so happy in my domestic bliss despite the fact that i have been non-stop since tuesday.

again, thanks to everyone for your wonderful words regarding michael!!!!


Chris-el-da said...

what's all this money savin' talk about?? if you have a dime in your pocket, get your shoes shined. kidding. this is something that i need to do. am thinking about Suze what's her face. ormond? or whatever. or is it dr. laura?? kidding. and don't get me wrong, or take this the wrong way. but those pot stickers scare me. i thought they were nipple cookies or something highly inappropriate and Bachelorette party themed.

love and lots of it!

Amanda said...

Good for you with the new house! I am the queen of filling up my freezer and cupboards with stuff that I never use. My hubby is so good at throwing stuff together, and it is fun to see what you come up with. I hate being in the money saving mode, and we have been for so long. I would love to see the blogs with tips!

Colleen said...

oh my freakin god i am so hungry now. muffins, bread, cherry pie?!?!?! are you trying to kill me over here?

congrats on the new house and the saving money agenda. that is one of the hardest things to do. maybe you should keep a $$ diary. sorta like a food diary. for 1 month write down what you guys spend money on every day. you will see where the money goes and what you can stop spending $$ on.

maybe that will help?

V said...

If I win the lotto you must come up and cook for me! I'll fly you up here! LOL! I can't wait to see pics of the house!!! How fun and amazing that must be and PLEASE, send me the money savin' info. We could use it right now with me going to school full time and Dan the only current money maker!

Greta said...

whoaa! you are on a roll with the cooking sista...can you come to 798 can cook me something yummmy!!!

glad mike is feeling better

Adrienne said...

WOW!!! You are the domestic QUEEN!!!!!!!!!

toya said...

yum to everything you made,, I get so motivated to cook something when I see how scruptious you meals look, OMG,, can I get some, lol

itybtyfrog said...

Congrats on being so domestic....sounds like you got tons done. I love to list all of the things I have done, just so I feel like I actually accomplished something. Post the muffin recipes...they sound delicious...I am always up for a muffin!

Pink Rocket said...

geesh woman! slow down!! that whole post i was picturing you runnin' around with a pot in one hand and bathroom cleaner in the other with sponges on your feet to clean as you walked! lol

glad the hubby is getting better!

beki said...

Good for you for getting so much accomplished around the house. It's a good feeling, isn't it? I am so with you on trying to save money. We especially need to now that #3 is here, and our mortgage went up $50 a month (damn homeowners insurance), and a new car, and more expensive car insurance (okay, I'm depressed now).

julia said...

You've been BUSY! I'd like to comment more, but I've got to get off my ass and DO something so I don't feel so damned guilty!

But I'm glad your man's okay ... you'll have to tell me more about it; Jeremy needs one of those knee thangs, too.

Oh yeah, I'm back! ;-)