Sunday, June 04, 2006


i wanted to post this yesterday, but i haven't had a telephone or internet access since friday afternoon. grr....finally its back up.

friday was closing ceremonies for mikey's t-ball league. due to the fact that it was raining, they had to hold them at the highschool gym. it was a lil chaotic, but it was nice.

all the members of the team got a trophey and mikey got presented with the "sportsmanship award" for his team. his coach told me that mikey deserved it. he never complained, he always did what he was told, he went out and played, and always behaved. i felt very proud of my bug for receiving this award.

then on saturday, mikey's coaches threw a lil pizza party at the park/ballfield for the team. we had fun.

of course i wanted to bring something and of course it had to be cute. so i got some knock off oreo cookies, melted some white chocolate candy discs and dipped the cookies in it. i then did the lines with red frosting. i wish i would have done the lil dashes for em, but i didn't think about it till it was too late. i'll have to remember these for the future.

me and the kiddos had fun swinging. bella still doesn't grasp the whole legs out, legs in thing when she's swinging, but she will one day.

now that t-ball is over, i wonder what sporty adventure that we will get into next?


V said...

What sweet pics!!! Those cookies are the CUTEST!!!!!!!! YAY Mikey!

Pink Rocket said...

aww! look how cute they are! jerrett does get the leg thing either. i have to tell him over and over, so he just kind of hangs there!

Greta said...

he is just growing up way to fast. It seems like the other day he was just 4. Where is the time going?

Love the cookies...girl i just don't understand how you have all this time for that. I do store bought.