Tuesday, May 30, 2006


well, this morning/afternoon mike had his reconstructive knee surgery.

what a loooong day.

me and mike arrived at the hospital at 7:35. my mom came up to keep me company for a few hours.

a few hours???? more like all day.

here's how it went.

8:00-ish: mike got called back. he had to go alone to get all doodied up in his hot hospital gown and cap.

8:30-ish: me and mom get called back to give him a kiss for luck before he gets wheeled back. we are told it should take about an hour and eight minutes. an hour and eight minutes? what the heck is that? the nurse says that she doesn't know why they say that amount of time. it either goes under or over that amount.

9:00-ish: mike gets wheeled back to get all drugged up and wait to go in the operating room. this is also around the time that me and mom start a marathon of rummy 500.

10:40: we're told that mike is finally in the operating room...hold on. me and mom have been playing cards for an hour and a half. time for a snack.

12:00: i'm wondering when they are going to let me know that mike is done. the rummy marathon continues.

1:30-ish: i'm started to get worried. they said an hour and eight minutes give or take, its been three hours. the rummy marathon still continues.

1:55-ish: okay, that's it, i wanna know whats going on. i'm panicing. did they find more problems? will he now have to stay overnight? WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING SO LONG. finally, the receptionist comes over to me and lets me know that everything is going wonderfully and they are beginning the scope. i asked her if anything was wrong, that the nurses told me that it only takes an hour. with exasperation, she tells me that she doesn't know why they tell people that. that surgery is at least a 3 hr. one. okay, i feel better. she tells me i have about 30 minutes left. more rummy.

2:30-ish: he's out and the doctor wants to talk to me. "medical talk, medical talk, everything is great, medical talk". good. i worried for nothing. now me and mom skip to the cafeteria (okay, we really didn't skip) for something to eat. oy! the cafeteria is done serving lunch at 1:30 but thank goodness they have a sub/pizza shop open.

2:50-ish: me and mom decide to take a break from rummy (after about a gazillion games) and turn the tv to some good tv....judge joe brown and judge judy.

3:30-ish: he's outta recovery we can go back. he looks better then i thought (a lil pale but good) and now its time for the fun part...getting dressed and getting him home. sounds easy enough, but he's all doped up, has a knee brace on practically his whole leg, his leg hurts, and his using crutches.

5:30-ish: we're finally home. we manage to get him up the steps to get inside and i get him to bed.

thank goodness that mom is keeping the kiddos tonight so i can tend to michael. he is doing really good (esp. since he just took a loratab ;) i don't know how long he is going to be outta commission, but he doesn't expect to even be able to go back to work light duty for another 3+ weeks. guess we'll find out next week at his appointment.

so that was mike's surgery day. big hugs go out to my mom for hanging with me today. i don't know what i would have down without those 6 hours of rummy. i'm so glad that i threw a deck of cards in my purse (and i think i'm going to leave them there). if i would have had to spend 9 1/2 hours listening to other people talk, try and listen to the tv, read farm magazines and the aarp magazines, i would have lost my marbles.


MaryAnn said...

Hooray! Happy recovery Michael - I hear your in-house nurse is a hottie...

Jennifer said...

Glad everything went well!!

Pink Rocket said...

aww! hope the recovery is easy for him!!

Madelyn said...

Glad Mike's surgery went well. Take care Mike!

Colleen said...

oh yeah
i had some of that last year with my minor surgery.
good stuff

glad everything is ok!

Chris-el-da said...

glad all is well.
can you email
i don't have your email addy!
thanks yo!

kristi sauer said...

No fun at all! I have to have knee surgery again this summer and I am not looking forward to it! Glad his went well and that you had your mom there to keep you company!

Greta said...

glad all went well....hope his recovery is speedy .....miss you

V said...

glad all is well, I emailed you.

Love Mom said...

delurking to say I am glad everything went well.
sorry to hear you had to worry for nothing. I work in a hospital and sometimes the nurses tell the people they only have to show up 20 minutes early and they need to be there a lot earlier than that...craziness.

sarah said...

glad everything went well!

*good idea about the deck of cards in your bag! :)

Jamie said...

dude. i'm SO glad everything went fabulous! i hope he's up and at em soon! you're a good wifey. :)