Monday, March 06, 2006


well, at least that is what i thought my post was mostly going to be about when i got home today. i had planned on telling ya'll about the lil things that have been going on around here.

such as:

*bella has a pretty bad stomach virus which means shit is coming out of openings in her body. not fun! esp. when a two year old really doesn't comprehend the use of a toilet for these type of things. mike had to stay home with her today. we thought that she was doing a whole lot better and planned on sending her back to school tomorrow, but so far this evening has been a lot of the same thing (plenty of pull changin' around here folks) so i am going to stay at home with her tomorrow.

*now that i'm staying home tomorrow, i plan on getting more organization/cleaning out done.

*mikey has his first tee-ball practice this friday. i'm so excited.

*work was a big bore today but i know the next few days are going to be biiiizzzzzeeee (payroll just ended).

*found a $25 lowes gc in my purse so i headed there to get a full length mirror (i haven't been able to see my legs in an outfit for years...always forget to get on at the store), picked up the "good things kids" issue, country living, and another country-style magazine. oh, and some packing tape.

so that was pretty much the boring things that i was going to tell ya. but then, i came home to the greatest mail day a girl could ever have. not only did my three movies finally make their way to my mailbox (amelie...never seen it, shame on me, 40 year old virgin, and then the final disc for season 1 of veronica mars..booooo hooo!), but a surprise bday package came from my bloggin' buddy veronica and my vintage vixen swap arrived.

i was friggin' spoiled.

the beautiful outside box containing the goodies that v sent me. love the elastic that wraps around to close the box.

the goodies inside. this is that photo organizer box that hallmark had/has. it is filled with stickers, labels, all sorts of goodies. can't wait to play with it. i'll prolly do that tomorrow.

all the goodies from amy. this girl friggin' spoiled me. and boy does she have me down to a tee!

she sent:

*two plates (i'll get to those in a minute)
*two boxes of vintage recipe cards
*a beautiful brown/orange scarf
*2 vintage cookbooks
*some vintage inspired goodies from kelloggs (magnets, magnetic notepad)
*beautiful daisy pin
*another beautiful pin that has lil daisy like flowers in this disks that are kinda shaped like a flower...hard to explain
*cute metal snowflake
*pisces earrings
*great vintage pisces stickers
*a vintage children's book
*a vintage knitting/crochet book (which has a granny square afghan in it like the one on roseanne's couch that i would really like to crochet one day)
*a brown heart shaped dish
*this great 70's looking zipped pouch (luv it)
*great cards from fred flare with vintage halloween images on em
*vintage inspired halloween tablecloth
*janet evanovich book (which i already have...actually have the whole series, but that's okay b/c i have been given permission to pass the "holster sniffer" love to someone else which i plan to do. this series is the fuckin' best and i highly recommend them. hope she comes out with the next one soon).
*jello alphabet molds
*a book of vintage inspired postcards (luv)
*a lilac calendar (i mean she is the vintage lilac after all. the box smlled good b/c i even opened it).

i think thats it. hope i didn't forget anything.

okay on to the plate. when i saw the plates wrapped, i couldn't even possibly imagine what greatness was inside. when i tore the paper off, i about cried.

see why???? this amazing, amazing girl, sent me the last two pieces that she had out of her collection b/c she knew how much i would love them and how much they would look so good with my bar set. and boy do they!!!

when i emailed amy a huge ass thank you, she emailed me back with a lil history on the plates which i was eager to hear.

hope you don't mind me posting this amy :)

About 15 years ago I found a box of those zodiac dishes at a thrift store in Gadsden, Alabama. (I was visiting my grandparents there.) There were a few dinner plates, salad plates, saucers and bowls but no complete set of anything. It actually took me a few seconds to realize they were zodiac but when I did I had to have them. I did as much research as I could- they were made in Mt. Clemens, MI at a pottery factory that burned down in the 1960's. The pattern doesn't even have a name, it has a number that I could never find. From what I could gather, they were a diner-type dishware that was sold at the Kresge dime stores, later becoming Kmart.

i love this story for many reasons.

1. amy found the plates in my neighboring state.

2. i love how old they are and despite that the factory no longer is with us, the burning of the factory makes the plates all the more interesting.

3. these plates were sold at a dime store??? can you imagine?

amy thanks again for sending me these wonderful goodies. i'm so glad that everyone is having so much fun putting together and sending your goodies. i can't wait to do another one (and believe you me, there will be another one :)


my house is cuter than yours said...

WOW!!! you really racked up!! i don't know if i could do the vintage vixen swap justice after seeing all of this amazing stuff!

Eden said...

That is some cool stuff, esp the box it came in.

Pink Rocket said...

WOW!! you really amde out! that's fabulous!! Everything is so amazing!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yay to you for organising this and double yay that there is already talk of a second! I have a friend who has started a blog just so she can be involved :-)

(Can I bags Pink Rocket as my partner next time too? She does fabulous swaps)

beki said...

You sure received some great stuff! I love getting goodies in the mail.

vintage lilac said...

I'm glad you liked everything!! And I'm glad to share the zodiac love with someone who appreciates it! I told you I had to go dig them out of the "future mosaic project box" so I'm just happy they have a little life left in them. I think when you use them with the barware set you need to post a picture of them together. :-)

I figured you'd read Evanovich but when i came across it at the thrift store for a quarter and knowing you like to sniff holsters I figured you had read it and you could pass on the love. I've actually met Janet at a book signing! I'll dig around this weekend for the pic. I lurv her!

And if you ever find out anything more aobut those dishes I'd love to hear it.

Greta said...

okay first off you can pass the evanovich to me.. (wink) i don't have one then can i say you know i am not in the whole vintage thing but girl those plates are "Rocking me to the core" i just had to say that...hehehe I am in awww over those damn that stuff V sent you was awesome...i haven't been to hallmark in forevah!!

V said...

I know it wasn't much that I sent but when I saw it I was like....that looks like Biz (stole that from Greta's blog and I secretly call you that now! LOL!!), I was going to get you a butt load of yankee candles but I didn't know what you liked and if you were a candle burner or not. I love those plates!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

All of this is truly amazing - After seeing all the swap packages, I know that I will always be just a Vintage Vixen wanna-be.

Barb said...

I love that pouch! And I loved the plates so much that I bought a bowl in that pattern.