Tuesday, February 07, 2006


okay, so if you have read the post before this one, you could practically feel me jumping for joy as i typed about my new favorite place in the world and the wonderful things that i bought.

sorry for the crappy lighting. i did take them in my bathroom which has the best lighting in the house, but damn night time makes photoshoots a bitch!

a beautiful lil teacup in the most decedant shade of blue. i am really thinking that this will be the main color in our new master bedroom. i can't wait to have a cup of french vanilla tea in the morning with it.

an apron in the most lovly shades of pinks and browns.

and now, the minute we've all been waiting for. the purchase that is the best birthday present evaaaar! the purchase that makes me giddy with excitement everytime i look at it.

this amazing purchase is a 15 piece zodiac bar set. it comes complete with:

*8 glasses
*4 glass ashtrays
*1 glass ice bucket
*1 metal (brass?) ice-pick-er-upper
*1 metal (brass?) carrying case

i am completely smitten with this piece and i don't care if no one else is or not (hubby however said its not his cup of tea, but if it makes me happy, he likes it...awww!)

i almost wish i could curl up with it tonight in bed.

i would like to get a picture of it in better light b/c these just don't do it justice.

edited to add the recipe box that i forgot to post.

i also got the most amazing recipe box. i picked it up for its charm and colors and then i opened it up. JACKPOT!!! the original owner's recipes. now there's not many, and not much that i would cook, but i love reading them over, esp. the ones where i know when they were written.


V said...

I think that zodiac set it so COOL!!!! I really like that! The mug is adorable, I love that color! And I can just see you in that apron!! Are you using it as an apron in the kitchen or are you going to alter it to wear while being crafty?? GREAT FINDS!!!! (now back to my homework!!)

robin said...

holy crap on the bar set -lol! nice grabs!

Pink Rocket said...

OMG!!!! BIG EXCLAMATION POINTS HERE!! Holy moley! What a score! I so need to visit you!!!

elizabeth said...

well come on down girl! i'd love to hang out and thrift with you. i so thought of you when i saw all the different canisters for the kitchen.

my house is cuter than yours said...

ohh! Nice finds! I have that same recipe box but it's not in the great shape yours is in!

Jennifer said...

The zodiac set is sooo you! I can't believe how well-aligned the thrift gods and your zodiac "house" must have been to allow you to score such a great find!

Alison said...

Those are some amazing finds!
Especially the receipts.

vintage lilac said...

I LOVE the zodiac stuff!! I have a set very similar to that but it ain't no ZODIAC!!! Hmmmm.....I do have zodiac plates that would go excellent with your glasses though.

And the apron!! I love vintage aprons and just pulled out my collection to make me a new one. Look for a post on it later....

V said...

OMG! I called it a mug!! I meant teacup!!!!!

Barb said...

Holy cow! That recipe box!!! And the bar set--is it signed? Reminds me of Georges Briard. Nice!