Wednesday, February 02, 2005


i thought (but after checking, i don't think i did) post about how much i luv, luv, luv the following shows on bbc america. every sunday evening, things must come to a stop at 5 o'clock when these show starts.

this show is great. this wacky guy hosts it and there are two teams of friends, etc. that go to an antique show with 200 pounds and 2 hours to find items that will make a profit when it goes to an auction in a week or so. the teams have an expert that kind of gives them advice. the team that has the biggest profit after the auction gets to keep the profit money. now must of the time that i watch this show, the poor teams do not get anything, which is so sad.

this is my favorite (and it has nothing to do with the fact that the host alister (guy in the middle) is such a cutie. alister goes to someone house and with the help of experts (jonty and paul...see above and by the way, until i saw this pic, i thought they were the same guy) they rumage through the house and find a bunch o stuff to sell at an auction. this show is so fun!!! usually the people make their goal money, but must of the time they make more. i luv it!!

why don't we have a tv show like that over here? couldn't a camera crew follow some people to flea markets/antique shows/garage sales/etc to find the goods? wouldn't that be fun?

note: if most of this post doesn't make sense, i apologize. american idol is on.

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