Saturday, February 19, 2005


here is a blog for all things cupcakes! i found it via not martha and lemme tell ya, after scrollin' around that blog, makes me wanna whip up some cupcakes for sure.

hopefully i will have more exciting news to report later on today. i am spending the day getting some stuff done (laundry, the pile of dishes sitting in the sink, etc). i must say, that i have been doing my dishes by hand since mike has been gone due to the heating element going out on the dishwasher. boy, how spoiled i have been and didn't even know it. i cannot wait until he gets home so we can buy another, quieter dishwasher.

thank god my mom made me have dish-pan hand all those years doing her dishes, my poor hands are pretty used to it :)

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Daph said...

We have lived in places that didn't have dishwashers, and it made me appreciate mine SO MUCH MORE. I probably would've banned everyone from using dishes if we didn't have ours, LOL!

When is Mike coming back? Seems like he's been gone FOR DAYS....