Saturday, February 05, 2005


yesterday, mikey's prek class rode a float in the children's mardi gras parade at the town green. his class made mardi gras tshirts and had fun throwing out beads, candy, and stuffed animals. this parade is great b/c only children participate and of course there are not huge crowds. i am glad that mikey's school was in the parade b/c that is the only slice of mardi gras we will be participating in (mardi gras in biloxi is getting to be quite the ordeal and the kids are too young to take down there. not to mention, mike is usually working and i don't want to take the kiddos down there myself).

mom and bella met me down there and bella rack'ed up on some goods. i think that bella weighed an extra five lbs. from the beads she had around her neck. all in all it was some good fun!

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