Tuesday, February 15, 2005


this is my lastest crafy adventure. i am making me and greta library card kits. i got the basic card template from craftalong but i kinda revamped it in an excel format so i could fit more to a page.

i then printed a few copies out, bought a huge pack of cardstock from office depot and took em there to have about 63 copies made. this ended up being so much cheaper than if i would had printed them from home and used all my printer ink.

for the pockets, i got the template here and traced the design on manilla envelopes. now this process is a bitch and is taking forever. but i know once they are all done (all 250+ of em) i am going to luv em. greta is going to use them to keep track of all the dvd's that she loans and i am going to use them for that and books (even though it breaks my heart to glue something into a book).

so that is what i have been up to. well, that is besides laundry, dishes, taking care of the kids, working, picking toys up every second i am home, and watching my recent obsession "under the tuscan sun".

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