Sunday, February 06, 2005


a tshirt that i have to own from urban outfitters

okay, i admit it, i'm addicted to the net. i have been for years now. i can't help it. everything i need is right at my fingertips.

i have been on the computer since about 7:30 this a.m. if you'll notice, it's now 12:30 p.m. (yes, i have been feeding my kids and changing bella's diapers in between page loadings).

i hop from one blog/sit to another. its like a never-ending cycle. i keep a notepad on my desk to write down the sites that i wanna check back later (b/c after all my favorites is a long list of sites that have god knows what on it) or that i wanna add to here.

its a sad addiction. but i can never give it up. absolutely. never.


Anonymous said...

Kewl shirt! My BIL works for the company that owns Urban Outfitters and Anthropology. He brings home all sorts of crap that can't be sold in the stores for whatever reason. I've gotten some good stuff man!

I also spend a shitload of time on the internet. It's 11:43 a.m. and I've been online since 10. I tried to go take a shower but my redneck husband has that there tub jus a'loaded full uh dem der shotguhns. (he was cleaning them last night so he could put them into his LOCKED gun cabinet).

I often wonder what my life would be like if we suddenly had to move to Europe. Will there be an internet for me??? lmao


Anonymous said...

I'm posting this here so that you'll see it --

6 degrees of separation: I participated in the scarf swap too. ;) Your squares look fantastic. Mine are probably making Allison curse at this very moment, lol.


P.S. Since you sew, you should consider making your daughter some cloth training pants. I swear cloth diapers were the reason my 2nd son potty trained so early and easily. There's some research that suggests that cloth diapered kids toilet train earlier too ;)

elizabeth said...

carol, that is so cool that we are both participating in allison's scarf swap!!! i had no idea you were "playing" too! i am sure that allison is having a ball with all those squares. i cannot wait to see the final result!