Monday, February 14, 2005


happy valentine's day everybody! i hope you all got to spend the say with the ones you love.

the love of my life is still out of town, but he did remember to send me some goodies. the box arrived last thursday and i used the utmost restraint and waited until today to open it. as you can see, i took pics of myself opening it (this is mostly for you dear)

here is me with a hideous look on my face...

the beautiful wrapped box...

slowly taking off the ribbon...

the present with the lid off

and voila...a good time to come in the near future ;)

also, as the day went on, the love of my life sent me these

my favorite. a beautiful basket of daisies.

i love you baby, more than you will ever know and i wish that we could be spending the evening with me.

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