Thursday, February 10, 2005


tuesday, i fixed the kids a delicious & nutritious lunch (i was off for mardi gras) of pigs in a blanket and chips. well, i gave bella some ketchup and she was eating happily.

however, about half way through the meal, i looked over at her and she was bending herself over and sticking her face (mostly her nose) in the lil pile of ketchup she had in her plate.

whata mess!


Daph said...

LOL that is so cute! But look, no ketchup on her white shirt... now THAT'S a cool trick!

elizabeth said...

the trick was me running over there in time before she used said shirt as her napkin!

you'd think i woulda learned my lesson and would put a bib on her, but i'm a lil too lazy for that (plus, she won't keep em on).

KB said...

Geeeez you're killing me with that messy beauty queen! LOL