Sunday, February 20, 2005


last night, me and mikey sat down to color on some shrinky dink paper. lil did he know how magical the paper really was. i was making some charms to turn into jewelry (well, i had my fingers crossed anyway) and mikey was just wanting to make some "art", as he called it.

so i gave him a big square and told him to color away and when he was done, i would cut it in half. i had the intention of turning his art into some jewelry for me. what was great was that he wrote his name on one of em.

so we popped em in my lil toaster oven and watched the magic happen right before our eyes.

now, you would think that shrinky dinks would be fool proof, but i guess not for this fool. i don't know what it is, but i can never get the sides to stay straight and for some reason, only the edges were curling up and the middle was staying in this great hat shape. i ended up pushing the sides down on a couple of em when i took them out.

we had so much fun and as soon as i get some good cording (or search around elizabeth's craft store for some) i am going to turn these into necklaces. i really can't wait to wear mikey's.


jo said...

Lovely! I have been thinking about making stitch holder with that stuff, and now I think you have inspired me to do it!

Daph said...

Those are so cool! Santa brought Marissa some shrinky dink paper for Christmas, but we have yet to use it. I think you just inspired me as to her craft project for when she comes home from school today! :)

drakakoe said...

to make sure the stay straight the oven has to have the right temperature

the shrinky has to stay long enough in

when cooling(that's immediate out of the oven)place under a thick book!

hope i've helped.....