Sunday, April 03, 2005


when the kids woke up, they discovered that the easter bunny made his visit and hid their baskets. they searched and searched till the found their overly filled baskets. they got some movies, coloring books, sunglasses, some games, and a ton of candy!

they musta been a good lil boy and girl this year!

bella was such a good lil girl by letting me get a good picture of her wearing her cute lil winnie the pooh dress. this was a hand me down but i believe it is a handmade dress. it is so cute.

later in the afternoon, greta and her bunch (oneil, mason, & melana), melissa, and my mom came over for lunch and an easter egg hunt. lunch was delish. we had:

*egg salad with rolls and croissants
*spinich dip w/ crackers
*potato chips
*bunny cookies
*easter cupcakes
*and a lot a candy

it was so good! (if i do say so myself).

now on to the egg hunt. the easter bunny left over 100 eggs out in the front yard! the kids had a blast running around throwing eggs in their bags. bella was looking for particular colors, mikey was trying to get as many as he could, mason too liked certain colors, & melana i don't think knew what as going on :)

the kids are off!

mikey takes a break to say cheese!

mike and bella searching for the perfect egg!

melissa, oneil, and lil melana collecting the goods!

greta, mason, & bella having a ball!

opening the eggs to find an abundance of candy and coins!

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