Saturday, April 16, 2005


i have such a bad habit of buying loads of fabric and they just end up sitting around. well, last weekend when i walking past one my my many baskets/totes of fabric, i noticed this fabric that i got in the remnent bin at walmart for $1.50. i decided to take it out of its lil packaging and see how much was there. i was floored at how big a piece it was (apparently it was in the remnent bin due to a spot somewhere on the fabric). it was over a yard long. i thought it would be great for a spring/summer tablecloth. so as i walked to the dining room, i prayed that the piece was big enough and it was. i threw it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out (i HATE to iron) and then put it on my table and it is beautiful!

the pictures of course do not do it justice. mike has been aggravated with me since i put it on the table. i keep saying "i just can't stop looking at the table. it is so cute. why did i let that fabric just sit for a year?"

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KB said...

OoOOOOoo I really like this fabric! Nice job on the table cloth idea.