Sunday, April 03, 2005


as you all know, me and greta *love* playing games! so we decided that since our pocket books needed a break, we would start bringing our lunch again to work and finding a beautiful place to sit and play a game. we recently took advantage of toys r us' b1g1f board games. greta picked up travel scrabble and we have been toting it with us. we have been having fun. the only drawback is it makes our 1 hour lunch break go a lot faster than it did before :( on this particular day, we sat down at the harbor and it was a beautiful day. it also led us onto a conversation about how we never take advantage of all the beautiful tourist-y things that are around our town. so that is our next mission. to start living the tourist life and really getting to know where we live.

the oak tree we sat under.

a view of the harbor.

greta contemplating her next move. look at those horrible letters i have.

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