Sunday, April 03, 2005


well the reason i just posted our easter pictures is b/c mike's sister kris and her family (steve, kayla, briana, halley, & amber) along with mike's grandparents were in town. so our evenings were filled with delicious food and wonderful company.

tuesday evening when they got into town, we met them at their hotel and at dinner at the pier 4 which was located in the casino. it was delish. the servings were HUGE!!

on wednesday evening, they all came over and had another easter egg hunt outside for all the kids and once again they racked up on candy and coins! friday evening we took them to the shed for some of their famous bbq! it was our first time being their also (which is such a shame see we live right down the street from there) and it was so good! we will def. be going their again.

thursday, sans me, they all headed over see the ship in alabama. its a military ship. i really don't know much about it :) that is about when the rain started to hit. we ate dinner at mcelroy's which is so good. i luv eating there. i mostly go for lunch so i was a lil disappointed when i couldn't order the crawfish etouffee. i did however have a stuffed shrimp, which was really shrimp coated in a crabcake like coating. heavenly.....

friday, we woke up to the worse rain we have had in years and headed on over to new orleans. we went to the aquarium (after searching over and hour for a parking place), then walked the riverwalk, and then hit a few touristy shops. after we got home, we all went back to our house for some pizza and worked on scrapbook for briana's school project.

we had a lot of fun with them and hated to see them leave!

a riverboat

us in front of the fountain on the riverwalk

us in front of the sign at the aquarium

some horrible parrots (sorry i fear, they pooped on mike the last time we were here ;)

penguins in luv

a crazy looking seahorse. do you see it?

bella being good!

mikey looking through the seahorse at seahorse eggs.

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pretendingsanity said...

that's a great family pic, I can't believe how BIG bella is getting!!