Sunday, April 17, 2005


i am prolly the most UN-organized person i know and every year, becoming more organized is one of my new year's resoluations. so far this year, i guess i've done okay. and that is the lowest okay possible. there is just stuff everywhere. i stumbled upon this site a while back and i highly recommend it. they have great printable forms for a price book (when going to the grocery store, knowing which store has the best deals), a weekly/monthly menu, they also have a craft section for supplies, etc.

i have used their forms for a budget book that i started last october. i have gotten really slack in writing down every penny we spend, but i do use it to keep track of bills i've paid (bill, when due, amount, when/how i paid). it has come in handy.

if you guys have any organization tips/tools, please, share them with the organized-challened.


KB said...

My dream in life is to be organized, I live for it! Sadly I am not. Must go check out that site now! LOL

I'll be back :)

Daph said...

Cool website, thanks for the link! I dig the household recipes they have on there, that RAWKS!

elizabeth said...

daph, i haven't even checked that part out (too busy printing out the organizing pages ;)

jo said...

Thank you so much, I recieved you package today. The button are wonderful.But I am not sure what i loved more, the buttons or the clue card. You have great handwritting!