Saturday, April 30, 2005


today, i decided i needed to get more practice at the sewing machine, so i went through the many totes of fabric that are laying around and pulled out one of my favorite pieces. i luv the way this purse turned out. i cannot wait to carry it around :)

after i finished the purse, i decided that i was going to work on my wallet technique. i took some squares that i received from stose when she gave me a butt-load of fabric that her grandmother had hand-sewn together for a quilt or whatever she had dreamed them to be. the wallets are a lil iffy, however, i do like how they turned out. there are parts when the fabric got all bunched up, but i figured, that is what makes them special :)

then, while doing all the sewing i was dreaming of one of hillary's beautiful pin cushions b/c i was so tired of digging the pins outta the lil pkg. they came in. so i decided to put one of these 50 cent tins to good use. i just glued fabric around the edge and stuffed it with pollyfill. i then glued ribbon around the edge over the fabric to hide that messiness. i think it turned out pretty good. a lil lopsided on the top, but it serves its purpose. i am going to glue magnets on the inside of the lid for extra pins to stick to and then i will prolly stick odds and ends inside the pin. not bad for 50 cents. i have another tin and i think i am going to do the same thing with it but this time i am going to take a lil more time to make it look neater :)

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Daph said...

Wow, you did a great job! I love everything, especially the purse. The fabric that you chose for the pincushion ROCKS!