Saturday, April 16, 2005


i decided that i wanted to make something for may's june/july's sampler. even though i really don't sell my goods on the net, i still wanted to be a part of it.

so i decided to make these:

some are magnets, pendants, and pins. i need to make my lil card, package them up, and get them in the mail on monday so they make it on time. i really hope that everyone likes them and will use them. i think that is the biggest compliment any crafter can get. when someone really uses their craft!

note: i know you really can't tell in the picture (hell, you really can't tell in person) but in each one, there are clear beads on part of the card (i.e. the suit) and once i poured the resin in, it was kind of hard to tell that is what is there. it looks like its a bunch of air bubbles. so i am a lil disappointed in that. next time i intend on using red and blk. beads like i did here for my own personal pins


myra said...

They look wonderful! Did you have to make 50+ of them?

elizabeth said...

no myra, i only made 25. they were pretty easy to do. the longest part was putting the beads on there (and the biggest waste of time considering that you can't even see them ;)

thanks for stopping by :)